Neil Blomkamp's New Movie Looks Hilarious And Heartbreaking

While Elysium might have misfired a little compared to the classic District 9, I'll still look forward to every movie Neil Blomkamp ever makes and Chappie, his latest, just got its first trailer. Goddamn, this movie is going to break hearts.

It looks like Short Circuit mixed with Born Free mixed with ET and at its centre — Chappie, the main character. An adorable robot with revolutionary AI. Apparently the script is 'hilarious', but at the same time this movie appears as though it will feature some pretty heavy themes.

Also, it looks as though Blomkamp is making this movie heavily South African, which I think is a good thing. District 9 was also distinctly South African and it's one of my favourite movies ever.

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    Ummm....both members of Die Antwood featuring in a Hollywood movie? Ha....

      I KNOW!

        That just weirds me out. I'm not sure if I can take that concept seriously! looks great!

          I just don't think there are going to be many people that can sit through a couple of hours of their horrible inbred heads.

    Stopped the trailer halfway through. That's all I needed to see. Insta-watch when it's released.

      Me too, don't want spoilers...

    Bicentennial Man is one of my favourite movies and this looks like a similar story - awesome.

    Wow, this is the second feature film Blomkamp has adapted from one of his short films now. I'm very excited for this.

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    As an emigrant from South Africa, I still find it weird and cool to hear such heavy S.African accents in a major film. And genuine too!

    Movie looks good though. Didn't know Mr Jackman was in this.

    God damn! Even the trailer had me tearing up. This movie is going to wreck me. But I'm definitely going to see it. It looks awesome.

      Me too... I mean I was totally manly, guns and action woo!

      In all seriousness god I love Blomkamp's work and anything of his is an automatic watch.

    Whilst Elysium was terrible, it was still incredible to look at and it looks like that same style is carrying on. Hopefully he isn’t so hamfisted with his themes this time around.

      How was it terrible?

      It was a solid action movie with decent characterisation, solid performances, good special effects, a memorable and entertaining villain, and Blomkamp's style was written all over it.

      I can see you not liking it as much as District 9, but terrible?

    It's like a modern reboot of Short Circuit! Wonder if Steve Gutenberg will have a cameo?

    I'm reminded of the manga/anime Appleseed.

    Strangley I seem to be in the minority when I say Elysium>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>District 9

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