New Australian RPG Imagines A Medieval Vs Sci-Fi World

New RPG Imagines A Medieval vs Sci-Fi World

Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire is a new tactics RPG that I like the look of for two reasons. The first is that it's got an art style that reminds me of old rotoscoped cartoons like Lord of the Rings and American Pop.

The second is that while it looks like a fantasy RPG, it's actually got a hint of post-apocalyptic sci-fi to it (kinda like Endless Legend does), as the story is set on a world which was once an outpost for a galactic civilisation, but has long since fallen into a dark age, with knights, swords, the works. That is, until the galactic civilisation shows up again and starts shooting the place up. With space guns.

It's due out on PC, Mac and Linux next year.


    Wow. The style of the graphics looks fantastic.

      A quick glance from me reminds me of the graphics from the Tales Of (symphonia etc) series. This is a good thing :)
      I'll likely grab this, can't get enough of strat rpgs (replaying FE:radiant dawn on the wii atm)

    Is that made on the Banner saga engine? If so they must be doing alright in licensing that. Which is a good thing

    Hopefully kotaku reviews this when it's out otherwise I'll end up forgetting about it. Looks fun

    Oh my this looks amazing. I love the concept behind it, especially being a fan of the Dragonriders of Pern series so this mix of Feudal and Sci Fi is a cool idea.

      I was going to go with LeGuin, but that works too.

        Ooooh yes. Now I feel like reading the Earthsea trilogy again :D

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