New Civilisation Game Does Not Look Like A Civilisation Game

New Civilisation Game Does Not Look Like A Civilisation Game

I’m still not quite sure what I just watched.

Civilisation Online was first announced a couple of years ago, but this is the first actual look we’ve got at the game. And it’s…well, it doesn’t look very Civilisation, does it?

The fact it’s an MMO explains most of this away, especially the combat, but watch closely enough and you’ll see everything from RTS elements to city-building.

While it’s weird to watch clips like this and somehow equate it to the slow, God’s-eye Civilisation series, the game on show – regardless of title or tie-ins – still looks interesting! Developed in Korea, whether it ever gets a Western release is anyone’s guess.


    • So many franchises are getting MMO’d and Free to play’d, its probably the one thing that’s turning me away from gaming as I get older (that and awful companies putting out broken games the last few years, thank fuck for Bethesda and Nintendo)

  • I don’t really get why this exists. Civilization’s style of gameplay is so incompatible with the standard MMO format, which means this will probably play nothing like the rest of the franchise.

    At least the song accompanying the trailers is decent. Does anybody know what it’s called?

    • Just found out that the song is called “Song of the Mountain” and it’s composed by Christopher Tin, just like Baba Yetu.

  • The Koreans are really raising the bar for game graphics lately. Not just good graphics, but full of life.
    LostArk and Archeage look spectacular.

  • I want a civ MOBA Ghandi get his ult at lvl 25 called drop the nukes and he automatically wins. By himself as a newly founded 3rd team

    • To balance the ability a bit, he won’t use it unless one of the other teams does something he doesn’t like.
      Or does like.
      …or does something that doesn’t affect him in any way.

  • I have a horrible feeling there will be a “Pay [in-game currency] to complete the Pyramids!” option.
    I don’t want that option.
    I don’t want a CiV MMO either, but who the eff listens to the average joe consumer these days anyway.

      • Sorry, I meant “Pay [in-game currency which you buy with REAL MONEY] to complete the Pyramids!”

        As in Free to Play.

        As in Pay to Win.

        As in my previous comment made no fucking sense.

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