New Super Smash Bros 3DS Patch Will Address Balance Issues

New Super Smash Bros 3DS Patch Will Address Balance Issues

Good news, Smash Bros. players! Nintendo announced an upcoming patch, stating it will adjust the game’s balance. Phew.

According to Nintendo, the Ver. 1.0.4 update will adjust game balance as well as “fix various problems to make the game more enjoyable to play.” Nintendo hasn’t yet gone into specifics regarding what exactly will be changed to tweak the game balance.

The patch notes also that those who download Ver. 1.0.4 will not be able to play local play with those running Ver. 1.0.3 and lower. What’s more, those that download the patch won’t be able to playback previously saved replays.

So, if you want to keep your replays, just don’t download Ver. 1.0.4, right? Well, once the update hits, it will be required for those wanted to engage in online play. So, there’s that.

更新データ(Ver. 1.0.4)の配信を今月中に予定しています。 [Nintendo via Gpara]


    • A lot of games have replays that no longer work once the game has been patched, this isn’t unusual. The replays aren’t a video playback, they are using game data to play back a recording in real time. If that game data changes the replay won’t be able to play back properly.

      Some games have workarounds…eg Starcraft II actually restarts and boots the game up in an older version to be able to play the replay, but something like that is obviously not feasible on a handheld console.

      • Actually it kind of is. Couldn’t you just delete the patch data off the SD card and run the game “fresh”?

        Though I guess that depends how they’ve bundled the data together, I think altering any of the encrypted stuff at all just makes it all get wiped or something. Stupid Nintendo. Guess it’d have to be up to the homebrew guys to fix it.

        • You’re expecting them to wipe the patch data to play back an old replay then reapply it after the replay is done? That’s a really silly idea.

          They could theoretically I guess keep two separate copies of the game executable, one pre patched and one post patched, but that would need more room to store and still wouldn’t guarantee it’ll work 100% without having the data to match it.

          Also keep in mind that there may be more patches after this one, so even though the original game executable and data is on the cart, what happens if the game is patched again, and you want to play replays from that version in between the current version and the version on the cart?

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