New York City Was Just Attacked By A Massive World Of Warcraft Axe

New York: the city that never sleeps. Home to the Statue of Liberty, Madison Square Garden and now a massive World of Warcraft Axe impaled on a yellow cab in the middle of Times Square.

It's marketing, super expensive marketing, but cool marketing nonetheless and a whole lot more interesting than a goddamn billboard on a bus, that's for sure. It seems like someone at Blizzard has decided to take a tree-sized replica of Gorehowl, the two-handed axe from World of Warcraft and lodged it inbetween some poor yellow cab. Apparently the weapon plays a big part in Blizzard's upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor, so I'm guessing that's why Blizzard spend oodles of money on this marketing stunt.

Yeah this is pretty cool. Almost as cool as that time Nintendo dumped a whole bunch of bananas near Circular Quay station for Donkey Kong Country. What can I say? I really like bananas.


    That banana hoard was awesome.

    This is pretty cool too.

      To those curious:

        Aw, that made me sad.

        RIP Aussie-Nintendo.

          God I used to love the hell out of that site. The box-art round up was my favourite thing.

            Wait, you used to go there? I *lived* at that place. We've moved to another-castle now but it's just not the same, waaaaaaay too many screwups in the transitions and upgrades that just killed most people's enthusiasm for it.

            But yeah, Lance's boxart roundups were fantastic. Hell, all of his pieces were fantastic. These days he does... reviews of, er, adult products. Which are also hilarious. Check out if you like, though probably best not to be done at work :P

              Nice! I worked at JB Hi-Fi about six years ago, and Aussie-Nintendo was one of the rare few sites I had full access to on our filtered Internet. I would regularly use quotes from reviews there on the review cards at work, and refer them. I used starbursts too that said, "AUSSIE-NINTENDO LOVES THIS GAME!" to make them sound super official.

              I cannot wait to look that site up when I get home :D

                I can't wait to get home and share these posts with the guys :P

                  Tell them they're the reason I bought a copy of Russell Grant's Astrology.

                  @janexo ...

                  It just took everything I could muster to not burst out laughing right now. You are amazing.

    I've always thought about giving wow a crack but the game is so big now that it's pretty daunting for a new comer.

      I played WoW for nearly 5 years since the day it came out and even for me, the idea of getting back into is daunting. I can imagine someone who has never played it would find it somewhat overwhelming.

        I've been playing for about a year or so now on and off and even I still find it somewhat overwhelming!

      As someone who started at the second xpac, the stopped at the start of the 4th, then started at the end of the 5th (a couple of months ago) ill admit that it is pretty scary to jump into it so far into the game, BUT if you start with a couple of friends and play through the content together then you'll find it to be a breeze.

      There's so much in the game to help people start fresh that its best to just work through it at your own pace. I definitely recommend it though. Its a great social experience.

      wow and crack in the same sentence.... checks out.

      Hi my name is Inquisitorsz and I've been clean for 1.5 years now....

      the new expansion actually makes it really easy. if you get the original game and buy the expansion you will get a free level 90 character which will also come with an in game tutorial and etc. will let you play with everyone else from 90-100.

      The new player experience has been streamlined fairly recently, and the combat systems are arguably much simpler than they were at launch. It's a good time to get started, just make sure you take things at your own pace and find some friendly people to ask questions if you get stuck. (Hint: don't ask Trade chat, only trolls live there)

    Thought this was for the movie, can't believe I saw a preview for it at the movies the other night when it doesn't release 'til March 2016.

      There aren't any previews for the Warcraft movie yet. Even the ones shown at Comicon and Blizzcon were under strict no-camera rules because Legendary isn't ready to show them publicly yet.

    WTB gigantic Gorehowl. That is badass.

      I was in Wellington NZ the other day, visiting WETA, apparently you can get them to do commisions. ... Light Bulb ?

    It was great to see the taxi with the ax in it. The ax itself is called “Gorehowl.” It was so realistic.

    I made a short video and posted it to YouTube so that other people might
    see this great showing and advertisement for the game of for the World of Warcraft. I think this was also to raise visibility to the possible future movie also.

    It was so impressive to see.

    You can see the video at:

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