Not Quite The Japanese Assassin's Creed You've Been Hoping For

Not Quite the Japanese Assassin's Creed You've Been Hoping For

That what-if Japanese Assassin's Creed art looked sweet. This is not that. It is from Ubisoft Japan, though. No, really.

Dubbed "Akiba Stealth," the clip is set in Tokyo's geek Mecca, Akihabara, and is heavy on the otaku stereotypes but features some neat chases.

AKIBA STEALTH/アキバステルス [[email protected]]

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    Irrelevant, but I think a more interesting 'what-if' would be an Australia Assassins Creed game.
    Play as a Australian Aboriginal during European settlement. Australia has the history for something pretty cool.

      Aboriginals slaughtering settlers? Blacks killing whites? Has it been done before?

      I'm still waiting for a first person shooter where I'm a nazi soldier fighting a losing war. I enjoy changed perspectives.

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