Nothing Says New Dragon Ball Anime Like A Green Tracksuit

Nothing Says New Dragon Ball Anime Like a Green Tracksuit

You might have seen the first promotional image for the new Dragon Ball Z anime. But did you notice what Gohan is wearing? People online in Japan have.

Yep, a green tracksuit. This... doesn't exactly scream Dragon Ball Z, does it? Or maybe it does. "What is he a gym instructor?" asked one Japanese 2ch user. "That outfit stinks of Luigi," chimed in another.

Nothing Says New Dragon Ball Anime Like a Green Tracksuit

"This is like look at those [recent] Naruto images," quipped one user.

"His legs are so long," wrote another, while one 2ch user remarked, "It pisses me off that his shoes match his track outfit." There might be a reason for that seemingly odd remark. These guys:

Online in Japan, Gohan was also compared to Japanese comedians Tetsu and Tomo, who wore tracksuits and were really popular in Japan about 12 years ago (above clip). They became incredibly overexposed and irked some folks. Tetsu and Tomo also matched their sneakers and tracksuits.

Others pointed out that the outfit is because Gohan respects his former teacher Piccolo, who is green, Gohan has also been known to wear green and because, well, Gohan is often somewhat particular about his clothing (more here). And, perhaps most importantly, Gohan is a teacher in Dragon Ball GT.

So, as odd as this might look, the tracksuit isn't totally out of character for him. Though, it is very, very green.

ドラゴンボールの新作映画の緑ジャージ悟飯で確定wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww [2ch]


    Do we know for sure that it's Gohan? He kind of looks too youthful. Perhaps it's Goten? Or has it been confirmed to bee Gohan?

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