Off Topic: Let's Talk About Snacks

Snacks are the best. I live for snacks. The moment when you're like, "I'm going to eat something amazing because I want something tasty in my mouth right this goddamn second". In this situation, what is your goto snack?

I have a ton and it changes depending on how healthy I want to be.

At my healthiest I'll probably go for Chobani yoghurt. Stupidly high in protein. Still super tasty.

At my worst I'll probably go for a big arse chunk of brownie. Brownies are the greatest.

But I love everything inbetween. I love those apricot chunks, I love raisins, I love strawberry magnums, I love those little protein chocolate ball things.

Basically I like food and I think about it a lot.

I have a bad habit of snacking on cereal. If I'm hungry between meals I'll just make myself a big-ass bowl of weetbix or muesli and pile on the milk. Man, that is top notch.

What do you guys and girls snack on when hungry?


    Chips - Red Deli, Kettle, Smith's crinkle cuts, Pringles, love em all. Corn chips are great too.

    For a while it was dried mango from Daiso, but lately I've been buying Nobby's Pork Crackle from the vending machine at the train station on the way to work, and thats my new weird addiction...

      Pork scratchings and scampi fries. Proper pub food :D

    I've got a weak spot for pods. Specifically, Snickers Pods. I cannot go past them.

      I always smash a packet of Snickers Pods and a Banana Choc Top before the previews are done @ the movies.

      mars pods are my favourite

        We still have a packet of Mars Pods in our esky (unopened btw :P) from the weekend. I think that will be part of my snackage for Skyrim in the next couple of days while the missus is away

    I'm just like you Mark. I'll happily snack on fruit if I've got some: apples and oranges usually since they're cheapest. More often than not I'll snack on cereal or whatever carbs are nearest. They're always available and they're pretty filling so you tend to ignore that they're pretty bad for you if you overdo it.

    Fresh grapes, cheese cubes and deli meats. The best combo on this planet.

    Potato chips were my go-to until I found out I was allergic to nightshade, boo. So now it's corn chips and dip; rice crackers, or chopped up strawberries, peaches, apricots, etc.

    My favourite snack, when I want to make it special (or eat a more filling snack instead of dinner) is a nice camembert or brie on really good bread, maybe with a little honey-smoked ham. I spare no expense when it comes to cheese. If you all can get your hands on the Bunya Black Kingaroy Cheese, you are in for a treat. Triple cream brie with a layer of vine ash. Oh god, so good.

      Oh man I love that ash brie. Dunno if it's the same one, but YUM.

      Still, it's no apricot with toothpaste.

    Basically I like food and I think about it a lot.

    I was gonna say Mark :P And then I realised this is me as well

    Snacking these days, yesterday I tried to be healthy and had cucumber with dip. My go to snack though is cheese and biscuits, occasionally with some salami. It's just more fiddly to compile than the average snack. Some nice brie, camembert, strong crumbly cheddar. Bliss

    Those bags of frozen strawberries are pretty good for snacks. At the moment I've been really into those wonka kazoozles

      Hahaha, what? I had to google that. What a weird name!

        yulp really odd name. I get them from the american lollies store at the shops near me not sure if supermarkets stock them here.

    Bhuja Mix, or whatever it's called. That's usually a good go-to when it's in the pantry.

    Mature chedder and hot salami with crackers.
    Washed down with 10 yeared matured bullet whisky and coke 0.

    I'm talking gaming snacks.

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      That sounds rather like pouring store-bought ketchup on your filet mignon.

        Yeah, but i like my cheap sauce.
        I used to drink it pure and straight but when i was 18 i had a bottle of red lable that i had in 1 night. Never again. I remember waking up with my face in vommit and vommit on my wuiu gamepad, tv, xbox 360 and all on my walls.
        Since then i can't drink it straight and have to mix it. I'm slowley weaning myself back to straight whisky.
        And that was a thursday, so i had to call in sick the next day.

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    Cannot go past a banana & mango smoothie with a big bowl of chips. Alternating salty and sweet, so very, very good.

    Been making my own jerky lately. Starting to get pretty damn good at it too, if I may say so myself. Home grown habanero chillies with a mango flavoured marinade, it's the bomb!

      Ooh do you have a dehydrator, or do you use the oven method?

        I just use my oven, around 3 - 4 hours at 80 degrees with the door ajar a little for circulation.

      Have you tried it with Kangaroo meat ? The meat is slightly gamier than beef and it gives it another whole level of flavour. I highly recommend it (its also pretty cheap)

        Yeh I have a mate who goes shooting a bit, he normally gives the roo meat to his dogs but I pinch a bit off him. It's great since the fat content is so low which is what you want with your jerky.

          Ahhh I see you are a man well versed in the art of Jerky making.

          We should have a Jerk Off.......wait that came out all wrong !! I'll just show myself out now.

    Generally whatever's there and easy to make. I don't really snack that much and generally just have certain times at which I eat something.

    If I don't feel like hopping across to the corner store to buy a big honking pack of lollies, I've got sultanas, almonds and some belvita breakfast cookies in my room I can munch on ... but if I'm feeling like a real rebel I'll go to town on a bag of carrot sticks any day

      I swear, I am not stalking you.. but whenever I see your name pop up somewhere, I have to comment.

      Carrot sticks are the shit.

        We are joined by fate and I feel like one day we'll have to have a highlander-esque duel to see which tofu reigns supreme. Should be interesting around halloween when I update the username to zombietofu because spoopy.

        I definitely feel like carrots are under appreciated as far as vegetables go, they've got so many ways to prepare them and when they're raw it's such a satisfying crunch

          Haha, I love it!

          This relationship can only end one way. Decapitation.

          Coincidentally, fate is on my side as my father was a big fan of those films. My (real) namesake is 'the' prominent character =P

    Copious amounts of cheese. Any variety of hard cheese will suffice. I too am quite prone to cereal snacking on occasion as well. As a keyboard friendly snack skittles are my mainstay, provided you aren't actually hungry they're great.

    Beef jerky and eggnog

      I also enjoy those items, cant say I've had them together but you have me intrigued... quick to the Snackmobile Fatman !

    Usual chips (crisps), sour worms, stuff.

    Late at night, bowl of cereal. :)

    Snickers, Nachos, Hot Chips with Salt & Vinegar...
    That's all I can think of right now.

    I've had to give up coke & chocolate dye to high cholesterol, it's all fruit & tea now

    This thread has me desperately hoping I have something good in the fridge or pantry now...I'm feeling peckish!

    fruit, watermelon, pineapple, grapes, apples, bananas, yoghurt, rice crackers and dips :D

    Layer of Doritos, splattering of salsa, layer of cheese, layer of Doritos, generous splattering of salsa, layer of cheese. Microwave to melt it. Huge gobs of sour cream (and sometimes guac if I have it).

    Few minutes to prepare. Put on a good show or movie and enjoy.

      You understand me completely, exactly what I made after I took my ps4 home from Midnight launch

    The HOTTEST Pepperoni you can find (and then see if there's any way to make it hotter!!)

    Then add some cheese (seems like a popular choice around here, we must all stink!!), fruit if I'm In a healthy mood (Mrs makes sure that is the case usually) or some nuts (cashews preferably). failing that then whatever is in the cupboard and will take the least amount of time to prepare thus leaving me more time to enjoy and/or game !

    oh and Beer....lots of Beer, its just to cool my mouth down from the pepperoni I swear, its not because I enjoy it or anything like that (sneaks in a quick sip under the work table)

    I honestly don't snack much. Occasionally I'll chow down on some Red Rock Deli Sweet Chilli and Sour cream...

    In my younger (less health aware) days I'd spend what felt like my life savings on various lollies, chocolate, chips, biscuits and copious amounts of soft drink. Once made a Pringle-Pizza shape-French onion-Red Frog lollie combination. At first bite it's crunchy and tangy, then goes chewy savory with a sweet aftertaste.

    Excuse me, i must re-create this masterpiece after talking about it.

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