Oh Hey, It's Another Space Survival Game.

Oh hey, it's another space survival game. This one's called GRAV, and it seems to be a lighthearted, co-op focused take on the procedurally generated planet-exploring, equipment-crafting, base-building, dungeon-crawling genre. The game is currently trying to get on Steam Early Access via Greenlight. Trailer's above.


    Looks like they are cherry picking a lot of mechanics. Hopefully they pull it off. That 80's style logo intro was freaking rad.

    I feel like I'm the only person that feels this but I don't really like open base building in games like this. It always feels very wonky and theres never much use for them. I would much rather a more in depth crafting system or leveling system.

    I'm still a little burnt over Starforge, the developer basically dropped a Alpha on the community calling it final version then said they were going off to do other projects. They have released a couple patches since but some major features are completely missing along with terrible performance issues. Its a real shame because the game is fun to play but extremely limited due to all the issues mentioned.

    hey GRAV! far cry 3: blood dragon called, it wants it's intro screen back

      Blood Dragon invented an aesthetic that spanned almost two decades in the 20th century?

        Twelve year olds, man.

        well no, obviously...... but if a game has come out in the last 18 months with essentially the exact same intro screen? seems a bit lazy to me

          The entire indie scene is "lazy". What started as a response to the facsimile ridden triple A scene has become the very thing it hates. For every original idea there are a dozen copies. Everything is rogue-like, dark souls esque, pixel graphic 2d platformers with minecraft influences.

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