‘One More Line’ Is The Newest Game Out Of Sydney

You might have seen this one at PAX or EB Expo — SMG Studio would’ve been the booth with the Big Red Button for you to play their game, One More Line. It’s an arcadey endless flier that requires you to put yourself into centrifugal danger to progress, and it just came out.

Of course, once it’s on your mobile device, all you have to do is tap — no Big Red Button required.

Flying through a thin tube, your craft can grapple onto certain points to swing around it, releasing whenever you want. The trick is to not fly directly into the wall, or into one of the (solid) grapple points. You will eventually have to grapple, as there will be a point in the middle. Wherever you go, coloured lines mark your path, and at the end you’re rewarded with a nice bit of retro art as it pans back across the level.

It’s quite addictive, though unlike Crossy Road, I just can’t get the hang of this one. I want to keep playing it… I’m just terrible at it. I’ll keep playing anyway. I think I’ve only heard the first ten seconds of its music. The ads at the bottom also seem a tad intrusive given the minimalist feel of the game, but hey — it’s free.

And, here’s a picture of the launch party donuts at SMG. Because donuts.
You can grab One More Line on the Google Play store or iTunes.

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