PAX Australia Tickets Are Going On Sale Sooner Than You Think... [UPDATE]

PAX Australia 2014 seems like it happened only a couple of weeks ago... wait a minute it was only a couple of weeks ago!

And now it's been announced that tickets for PAX Australia 2015 are going on-sale in the first week of December? Bloody hell, that's like three weeks away!

Just to reconfirm in case you think you're going crazy: tickets for PAX Australia 2015 are going on-sale in the first week of December. That's the first week of December this year. Like a month after the last one finished. Crazy. We don't even know when the event will take place and you're asking us to shell out all that dough just before Christmas? That stings man. That stings.

And I'm sure given its track record that PAX Australia will have amazing panels, a great line-up of games and will be, in general, a great show that represents the best Australia has to offer, but I can't help but feel it's a little unfair to ask people to shell out for the show when we have no information on who'll be attending or what games will be playable.

I'm sure it'll sell out fast regardless.

Update: We've just been informed that PAX Australia 2015 will take place from October 30 until November 1. You can find out more info here.


    So I can plan for 2015, how much were ticket prices for 2014 PAX?
    Specifically looking at the Three Day Pass.
    Any ballpark figures?

      Around $150 for three day passes

        Thank you. Time to see what I can cut back to make sure I get there.

    This worries me a lot. I mean, how quickly do we think this will sell out? Will they only sell X amount of tickets now, and reserve the majority for closer to the time?

      They might sell out of three day passes quickly, but judging by how things went this year then availability shouldn't be a problem. If anything you might be better off waiting til September/October next year, pick up some cheap tickets that people are just unable to sell.

      3 day passes were gone in 24 hours this year, and that was November 12 2013 that they went on sale.

    Doing this in December so shortly after the last event is mean. I really want to go next year. Never attended any kind of convention like this.
    If they sold in February, I may have built up some scratch. Doing it right before Christmas which I already can't afford is making me unreasonably angry.

      I think that's the plan - that this then becomes a Christmas present to be given by spouses/girl/boyfriends/parents.

    Do they sell out?

      3 day passes were gone in 24 hours for this year's. Individual days took a few months.

        Hmm bit of a worry, moving to Melbourne end of year would have been cool to go.

          You should definitely go, it's a "celebration of our culture" as Mark said ! :) I had a great time and I could buy a 5 year pass for Pax.

          It's worth mentioning that for a few bucks extra you can 'insure' your tickets, so that if something comes up and you can't go, they'll refund your cash and when they've got a decent handful they resell them throughout the year. I personally wouldn't rely on that, but it's still a potential option

    With ticket sale plans comes confirmed dates - 30 October to 01 November.
    Same scheduling as this year in relation to Melbourne Cup.

    PAX 2013 (July 2013) - bought tickets Oct 2012.
    PAX 2014 (Oct/Nov 2014) - bought tickets Nov 2013.
    PAX 2015 (Oct/Nov 2015) - tickets on sale Dec 2014.

    Guess it's how they roll with this.

    this is what screwed me over last year... so close to christmas... and now considering most people are on a monthly pay cycle (15th of every month), we practically need to buy tickets in the next pay cycle.

    to add, they need more independent, and cheaper food options... if you spend the day there with your partner, you can easily spend $100 on food alone in one day (on an average of 3 meal items each and one drink each).

    over three days, youve blown about $350 in food and parking alone. i understand you have the option to byo, but carying around a bag full of food and drinks is extremely uncomfortable (we did it the first day) and food ends up in all sorts after sitting in a warm backpack on your back for 12 hours.

    Last edited 17/11/14 11:24 am

      Food was like, 20 bucks per day for me, and parking was 50 bucks for 4 days.

        what the hell did you eat???

          Oh you know, chips, sausage rolls... chips.

            lol lol lol lol

            i should have done the greek thing; pasta dura, olives, and tomatoes....

            In fairness, those chips just outside the main theatre were quite awesome and worth the price tag.

    3-day passes were $150 last year, and single day passes were $55. The 3-day passes ran out in about a day, but the single day passes were available even quite close to the event. I think if you're struggling to afford a 3-day pass (and you want to go for all 3 days), you should probably just space out purchases of single day passes. It's only $15 more, which is negligible over a year anyway if you really want to go. Saturday runs out the quickest so you should probably get that one first.

      Spacing out the one day passes will be the only way I can get there, hopefully that works out.

      Also, the PAX website doesn't have any info on next year at all that I could see.

      EDIT: Aside from the dates on the splash page that I skipped over the first time through.

      Last edited 17/11/14 6:02 pm

    I'll be smashing the three day pass as soon as its up. Get hype?

    You'd have thought they'd move it a little further out from cup weekend for the next one.

      There was speculation that it was essentially the only weekend they were able to secure the whole centre

    Cup weekend was essentially booked in because well, no one else was crazy enough to do it. Not to mention most venues are booked out nor big enough to accommodate such a large scale event.

    Last edited 17/11/14 1:27 pm

    lucky i just become an enforcer, volunteer, just go to the panels i want to go thats all :D good game,, kotaku, ign, pcpowerplay :D and whoever aussie

    Saturday passes always sell out faster than Friday and Sunday. So keep that in mind as well. I am pretty sure they sold out in a few weeks while the other days were available for a lot longer.

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