PC Game Has The Funniest Out-Of-Context Forum Topics

PC Game Has The Funniest Out-Of-Context Forum Topics

As we've seen with its patch notes, Crusader Kings II is a game that, taken out of context, sounds completely insane. The game's forums are no different.

Here's a selection of recent thread titles from CKII's Steam forums, put together by @shadowmar.

PC Game Has The Funniest Out-Of-Context Forum Topics

Yes, they have been cherry-picked, but they're hardly isolated instances. In the days since that image was put together, for example, there have been threads called:

  • Why didn't I inherit Scotland?
  • cant legitimise basterds as cathlic lord

Which again sounds nutso, but the game really does accommodate all of this nonsense, and really does make you care deeply enough about it to take to a public forum and talk about it.

All this is to say that if you haven't yet played Crusader Kings II, you probably should.


    Interesting sounding until you actually get into the game and work it out is a bombardment of over complex text boxes and a rampage of crazy UI windows.

      100x this. It's possibly the most convoluted and inaccessible game ever.

      Which is a shame because I love the idea of it but I have tried so many times to play it and just get nowhere - even after reading lots of tutorials.

    I heard Paradox employed a UX guy once, but when he was late to work on the first day they just grabbed some blind monkeys to throw colour coded faeces at a wall to design their games instead.

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      :( I really like Europa Universalis IV, what is it that folks don't like about them?

        Me too!!! But I think a lot of people have a point in that it can be very inaccessible to those who haven't played those type of games before. What helped me the most was playing online with someone as they walked me through it. Also a video tutorial here and there is necessary.

        Great games and EUIV is a great one to start off with if anyone is interested.

          Sounds like me, I think I accidentally clicked on an Arumba let's play and decided that I needed to play this game. So happy I stuck it out!

        EU4's UI is actually pretty decent.

        There's absolutely no hand-holding, and the best way to play is with a friend guiding you and giving you heads-up on all the major mechanics like trade, conquest, diplomacy, then the minor (but crushingly important) mechanics like attrition and logistics (why did my 100,000-man strong army disappear all of a sudden?!).

        I think the complexity and interconnectedness of the mechanics are what make the thing so punishingly inaccessible, but EU4's got nothing on CK2.

          It took a few let's plays and cheating creative use of the console panel to get the hang of it, I've got something like 100 hours of playtime on Steam so it can't be all that bad ^ ^

    My friend and I have just recently begun analysing how funny some of the stuff we gamers say when given no context. It started when he sent me a text message: "I'm thinking of saving up and investing in a good quality spear, something that is fast and allows me to have range on my enemies."

    I cracked up laughing at how funny that would be if someone else read that message. And since the we've been noticing just how crazy some of the shut we say is. Made me feel like starting a blog called something like "shit gamers say" filled with out of context quotes (or hope someone else says it).

      Lol I'd read that!

      'I am grinding before I start raiding tonight'.

      Ditto. Some of the looks my son and Ibget when chatting in public about gaming are classic and then I realized we'd referenced executing someone or something.

      Heh. Penny Arcade even did a comic about that a little while ago.

      (Bonus credit: 'We do in fact have limits' http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2004/08/16/)

        Lol that bonus credit :P

          Yes. I say that last few lines to my friends and brothers every now and then when they are being especially wrong.

    I studied the Church and the Crusades during my BA.

    This stuff is funny because it lacks context.

    The real stuff is even funnier.

      I remember as a kid I read some crazy semi-fictional story which drew on real world events (which I didn't realize when reading it), but told from the imagined perspective of some figures closer to the ground. My Aunt was doing a PhD in Theology, so I thought she might find it interesting. I was laughing and explaining that it had actually taken the real world and run completely haywire with it, resulting in a train-wreck of believable but outright insane drama resulting in this alternate world having three Popes at one stage.

      She laughed at my description of these 'crazy' events and explained, "No, that actually happened." And pointed me to some reference material on it. (Wikipedia didn't exist at this point, unfortunately.)

      Blew my mind how fucking insane history has been at various points that a teen would seriously consider it to be fiction.

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