People Are Taking Really Great Pictures In The New Grand Theft Auto V

People Are Taking Really Great Pictures in The New Grand Theft Auto V

Many oohs and aahs rang out at the upgraded visuals when Rockstar first started showing off the upgraded PS4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto V. Now that the game's out, players are documenting the game's beauty themselves with some amazing photographs.

In-game tools let readers share in-game photography on Twitter, Facebook and Rockstar's Social Club network so lots of Snapmatic pics — some of them in first-person — have been coming in ever since new-gen GTA V's release yesterday. The #gtaphotographers hashtag has been filling out with impressive images s take a look at some of our favourites below.

Got your own artistic captures of crazy, beautiful stuff happening in Los Santos? Post it in the comments below.


    I really really wish it had camera mode for real, (the way that TLOU does) because then you can easily capture shots on the fly, which make for much funnier and intimate moments. Still, it's pretty fun.

    I've given my boyfriend the task of taking selfies with all of the dogs he sees in the game :D

    What we really need is a camera/film pack like in Skate. Instant replay and play with the camera angles, then we could really see some cool stuff

      I'm drooling just at the thought of a video mode like Skate.

      Or at the very least maybe a similar car chase editing feature like the Driver games by Reflections Studios.

    Do the games that incorporate a photo mode - render the game higher or anything? That top photo with the bike looks pretty good.

      The depth of field effect tricks your eye into thinking it's looks real.

    None of those twitter pictures worked, they simply show:

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