Plants Vs Zombies Vs LEGO

Plants vs Zombies vs LEGO

Oh, if only this was an actual LEGO set. Well, actually, it can be if enough people vote for it, thanks to LEGO's Ideas program. Which I'm guessing people will do, because even as a pitch it looks as good as you'd expect from the finished product.

The work of killarkai, the set includes the house, yard, plants, zombies and even the mowers.

Plants vs Zombies [LEGO]

Plants vs Zombies vs LEGO


    Wow, very impressive! What is the item in front of the javelin zombie?

      That's a pellet from the pea shooter. There's a green one further down too.

    The first thing I thought was: this would make a great board game. Then I googled it: - cancelled in 2012.

    Edit: I did more Googling: There's a Risk: Plants vs Zombies and it has a skirmish mode that is like the app/PC game.

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    Omg! PVZ legos! :"> So adorbs :3 Now, I'm thinking of playing PVZ2 so I could take a break from all the intense zombie-killing sprees I have with Tapslayer: Alice in Zombieland ^_^

    Hi guys. Just wanna ask if this game is available now for Android? Would really want to play it on my Samsung tab 4. Thanks!

    Another thing: Can I ask you guys some other suggestions for other zombie games? Would really appreciate it! Thank you very much!

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