Pokémon Has Come A Long Way In 12 Years

Pokémon Has Come A Long Way In Twelve Years

We've seen comparison shots, which put the new Pokémon remakes next to the original games. Now, you can see how the graphics compare in motion — something that really highlights the difference that the new X & Y engine makes.

Though The Pokémon Company released this footage earlier in the month, it was all contained in a bunch of separate videos. Pokémothim went ahead and put that footage side-by-side, resulting in this easier-to-view single video:

Every time I think about the visual differences, I'll admit, I feel a little shocked! I remember playing Ruby and Emerald as a teenager, everything is still very vivid in my head. It makes me kind of miss the days of sprites, but hey — the new games look wonderful in their own way, too.

ORAS - Antes e Depois [Pokemothim]


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