PSA: ‘Fallout: Shadow Of Boston’ Is A Fake

PSA: ‘Fallout: Shadow Of Boston’ Is A Fake
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This morning, a NeoGAF member discovered that Bethesda had trademarked something called Fallout: Shadow of Boston, and of course, a host of gaming sites rushed to echo that “news,” to the point where “Shadow of Boston” was trending on Twitter this afternoon.

It’s gotten pretty widespread, so we feel like we have to debunk this. Don’t worry: Bethesda isn’t using a name that dumb for the still-unannounced Fallout 4. This one’s a fake.

Incidentally, I got a strange email this morning from “Jesse,” the rumormonger I wrote about earlier this year. Jesse, who has something of a Fallout obsession, gets a kick out of making up rumours and getting people excited about things that aren’t actually true.

His email, which was incomprehensible and mostly in German, appeared to claim responsibility for this one. He hasn’t responded to requests for elaboration, but this could very well be his doing, too.

The good news is that Fallout 4 is likely a Real Thing and it is likely set in Boston, as evidenced by the casting documents we reported on last year. Of course, anything can change, but chances are good that we’ll see Bethesda’s next Fallout game in the near future, even if it isn’t called Shadow of Boston.


  • Pretty much best to just hope Fallout is being made but wait for Bethesda themselves to say “hai guyz, new Fallout iz here”

  • Pete Hines has said several times now that they’re not going to announce what they’re working on ‘any time soon’. I take that to mean another 6 months-a year, at E3 next year at the earliest.

    On the plus side, he’s also said that they’re all well aware of how much everyone wants some information and that he’s just as frustrated by not being able to say anything.

    • Amen. I can’t think of anything in life that I’d want more right now, than another Fallout game. And I’m being entirely serious. These hoaxes hit me in the feels.

      • I will not be held responsible for my actions if/when they do actually announce Fallout 4.

        These hoaxes are just cruel . *sheds solitary tear*

  • I want to live in the alternate universe where the headline actually reads, “PSA: Fallout: Shadow of Boston is NOT a Fake.”

    …Preferably the universe where Emma Stone is gently rousing me from sleep in our massive bed, to show me the article on her tablet.

  • Man we’re all going to have egg on our face when we discover “Fallout 4: Shadow of boston” is in fact the secret name for Half life 3.

  • It sounds like the trademark for a documentary for the fallout of the boston bombings. way too many people jumping to conclusions.

  • I am glad that Bethesda came right out and said it was a fake. It avoids things like the survivor hoax happening again.

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