Religion And Spirituality In Video Games At PAX Australia

Religion And Spirituality In Video Games At PAX Australia
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I was lucky enough to feature on a number of panels at PAX Australia but, being honest, the Religion and Spirituality in Video Games panel was probably my favourite. Put together by freelancer (and sometime Kotaku contributor) Patrick Stafford I had an absolute blast taking part. Thankfully he recorded the discussion and you can listen to it here!

Why did I like it so much? It was a combination of things. I thought it was a cool topic: to discuss how religion is used in video games, to discuss what a ‘good’ religious video game might look like, but mainly it was just a good crowd, with a great vibe and great questions.

I might be biased since I was on the panel, but I definitely think it’s worth listening to!


  • Not for me, but I’m glad this is an avenue for other people who would like to bring the two together in their lives.

  • Was at the panel, can confirm Mark unknowingly/knowingly used religious terms in vain multiple times . Much lol’s were had.

    Seriously though, for someone firmly in corner ‘science’, it was a great panel and spoke about some great topics.

    • Yeah, I generally have little interest in religion beyond a sort of mythic level. I’d have skipped this one entirely if it hadn’t been populated entirely by friends and casual Twitter acquaintances. Turned out to be one of the most interesting talks of the show.

  • Awesome!!! I struggled to get to this panel. Having a 5 month old at the whole 3 days was tiring. But now I get to hear it.. thanks!!

  • Attended this one and thought it was one of the better panels I went to at PAX. I’m glad you on the panel @markserrels because I think you added a different angle and perspective and also managed to cut to the heart of the discussion a few times as well.

  • I only went to one panel at PAX this year (the Penny Arcade: Draw a Strip one) and going through recordings of panels is a pretty good way to ease myself off of the PAX high.

    Kind of wish more time was spent on Journey though. Mostly because I like hearing people gush about it but also because there were quite a lot of afterlife tropes in the game that I found really interesting.

    • Trjn,

      Hi! I’m Patrick, the moderator of the religion panel. I wanted to spend more time on Journey, and indeed, we actually were organising someone from thatgamecompany to come on the panel – unfortunately it didn’t work out, and had it, we would have spent a lot more time on the game.

      I’m hoping to write an essay soon about how my experience of Journey reflects my experience in Church, but I’d definitely love to read anything about afterlife tropes, etc. If you write anything can you please let me know? @pdstafford on Twitter.

      I’m glad people seem to have enjoyed the panel. I was very nervous and it was my first time doing one!! Next time will be better!

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