Remember This?

I'm going to give yesterday's Remember This to two separate people, mainly because the game I chose went by two different names. Sporadicist correctly guessed Gex 3D. I think that's what yesterday's game went by in Europe (and presumably Australia. Just one minute later rowjack1993 guess Gex:Enter The Gecko. I think that was the US title of the game.

Congrats to the both of you!

Be warned. I've tried to make today's Remember This insanely hard. Good luck!


    The Dig: Biker Mice From Mars Special Edition

    Syndicate (The Original)?

    Crusader: No remorse

      And to cover all bases, Crusader: No Regret

      Was just playing this game yesterday! It does look like that's what it could be.

      It's currently free on Origin!

        I played this game when it came out.. all those moons ago. I remember it was awesome but very hard. I wonder if it is still as hard as I remembered!

    I'll throw early isometric Fallout 1 in the mix too.

    Once again, a picture of grey ground...

    I guess we'll just wait for @edenist to get it then ;)

    The colours and textures look familiar but I have no idea... I'll just go with Ghost in the Shell for now.

    Actually, I do have a couple of guesses: RollerCoaster Tycoon (BEST GAME EVER), Locomotion (same graphics imo) or SimCity 4

    Essentially, it's a tycoon/city building game I used to play back when they were popular!

    Take No Prisioners

    I was going to say Syndicate (I had the Mega Drive version) or the dam level of Goldeneye.

    Little Big Adventure?

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