Remember This?

Seems like no-one was able to guess yesterday's Remember This. I knew it was pretty difficult. Hopefully today's clue will make things a little more apparent.

And for reference, here's yesterday's clue...

Good luck everyone!


    I'd say what it is but I'd feel bad having never played this one...

      Yeah me too, was going to say that Google image search makes it pretty easy

        wish ppl would stop using image search. where is the fun in that hey.

      By making a comment like this, you've basically just said 'I've google image searched it and got the answer'.

      It would be better to just not use image search at all, for the fun of the game ;-)
      [Or if you do want to on your own, don't make a comment about it]

        Or maybe I watched my brothers play it. Maybe I watched my dear brothers become emotionally invested in this game - I found it entertaining yet I couldn't seem to connect to it wholeheartedly like they did. Being too young to be able to play myself, I analysed every screen, eating up the experience of interactive storytelling, but failing to find that feeling of total fulfillment they had with Persona. Then one day, one glorious day, the controller passed to me - it was finally my opportunity to control the destiny of Maya. Maybe I could finally become emotionally invested in the lives within Sumaru City. But by then we no longer had Persona 2, and instead I had to settle for another classic Japanese role playing game series, one imagined my the peerless Hironobu Sakaguchi. Yes, as cliche as it was, my first true videogame experience was Final Fantasy VII. But it mattered not - It was then that all the pieces fell into place. Once I had the power to control and manipulate the actions within the game, I become hooked, totally engrossed in the lives of fictional characters within fictional worlds. Gaia, Terra, Spira, Ivalice - these worlds became my true home. These worlds led me down a rabbit hole that let me escape the terror of my home life.

        And thus we arrive at today's predicament. Sure, I knew the answer to the question, but it wasn't an answer that held true significance to me. Maybe I felt like the first time that I finally was in time to have a proper crack at one that I knew, I should have a deep level of personal attachment to it. Maybe I feel strangely enthralled by this internet game, in how simply analysing a horribly enlarged mess of pixels unlocks a deep yearning for recollecting the magical days gone past. Maybe this quest spurs me on relentlessly, hoping to find that elusive victory to fill the void in my heart - correctly guessing one of the experiences that gave the miserable season that was my childhood a shred of significance. Maybe I am so fascinated by this lunch pastime that my mind is mentally tuned to noon, resolutely refreshing my browser, hoping and praying to some unforgiving deity that today will be my turn, my time for glory. Maybe this is my calling, my Grail, my preciousssssssss

        Or maybe you're right. Maybe I simply typed the image URL into Google search. Maybe I cheated, and ruined the game for someone else. But perhaps I knew that this game series held special significance for someone else, much like Final Fantasy does for me, and I chose to bequeath my timeliness to another. Maybe I chose not to squander the right of others. Maybe I want others to feel the deep satisfaction in realising the connection to videogames that lies within all of us. Just maybe.

    Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

      image search?

        I was looking at persona games yesterday via the normal search, couldn't find the original image that was posted yesterday but when i saw the yellow thing i remembered the sub that i saw yesterday

          bravo to you then. well done sir.

    thats persona 2. this brings back memories :)

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