Remember This?

Congratulations to Zar, who totally managed to guess yesterday's Remember This. It was Persona 2.

Good luck with today's effort. I suspect it'll last 10 seconds, but good luck anyway!


    Its even the SNES one!!!!

    OMG this game... mannn SOOOOO many hours in my virtual farm... SOOO many...

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      Ohhhh nooooooo this was one I actually knew!! :P Well done

        yep! first glance I was like eeeeeasy! As always, I'm too late though! ;)

      One I could have guessed as well. I think anyone I could guess, the rest of you could as well.

      I knew this was wildly familiar. Don't think I would have been able to guess it though.

      Haha, aside from Mario Kart 8 (which came with the console) this was the first game i bought for my Wii U (via virtual console). Soooooooooooo good!

      The one day that I knew it & I decided to instead go get lunch coz it wasn't immediately up at 12pm >.

    Oh come on! You're not even trying!

    ... the girl I chose in that game was the red-headed tomboy.

      I thought that was the one everyone chose.

        The blonde in the pub, always the blonde... in every iteration as well lol

          Yes, the one that you can go and see at night time, thereby maximising farming time!

      Well, everyone *does* 'Remember This'.... and it gets everyone talking about their memories with it! That's still just as fun in my book :p

      Hey, what the hell are you doing with my wife, asshole!

    Ima go on a limb and say Farming Simulator 1 :p

    fastest Remember This? ever???

      Nah, not even close - it was at 12:17 p.m.

      Quite a few of them have been guessed correctly at 12:00-12:01 on the dot...

        Remember this is posted at 12:15 now, so its 2 minutes

    that wasnt even a tough one. i guessed that .....and im terrible at this game! literally, the worst person at this. the other day i guess a game was called Carrot Face.

    I really hope there's a shocking twist and it's a screenshot from Minecraft taken form exactly the right angle.

      Who's that Pokemon??....Its a jigglypuff... From Above!

      :/ Never trusted anyone ever again

    Usually I skip these articles, but I knew what this was the second I saw it!

    Never played the game so my guess was going to be completely wrong.

    Harvest moon snes was the best one :( after this they all went down hill and it made me sad.

    Haha... I remember playing 'Back to Nature'at the same time as my brother (different save games) and getting into arguments over who was going to date which girl. 'No! You can't date her! I've already married her, get your own girl friend!'

      haha i did this too!....however i have 4 brothers and all of us played it bar one :p

    I wish they'd make a PS4 gen Harvest Moon... I miss it so much

    harvest moon... ffff why am i always late to the easy ones.

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