Remember This?

Alright, I finally managed to stump you guys and girls for once! So it looks as though I need to give you all a second clue...

And just for reference here's yesterday's clue:

Good luck everyone!



    Did NES games even have dithering like that?

    I feel like it could be the Monkey Island 2 title screen, but I can't match the shapes and dithering.

    Digger T Rock

      I absolutely loved this game as a kid but never finished it. I really should...

    I just wanted to be the next person to say 'dithering'.

    My next guess would be maybe one of the SNES Front Mission titles?

    That little bit of green looks like the head of a Lemming... and seems to be in a cave so Im going to go a stab and go for Lemmings.

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