Remember This?

And outta nowhere come IVY_MiKe to guess yesterday's Remember This like it ain't no thing but a chicken wing on a string! I said goddamn. It was Bad Street Brawler and I was expecting to get at least a couple of days of mileage out of that one. Nice job IVY_MiKe.

Good luck with today's effort!


    Kings Quest 1?

      This was my first thought, or maybe black cauldron

        Definitely Black Cauldron:

        Black Cau... oh rats. Too slow by miles.

      Yeah, looks like one of those old Sierra games, although hard to pick exactly which one.

        ahhh Sierra, how good were they.

    Thought it was Totally Rad, but I think it's even more old school; Atari maybe.

    Day of the Tentacle? Looks 'point and click'-y to me

      Yeah it has the tentacle style colour scheme.

    If it's not Kings Quest 1 then ...

    Space Quest 1

    Dammit I swear I've seen this somewhere before. But nope, no idea.

    cosmo's cosmic adventure

      Man I love Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure! I used to always play it with my sister :)

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