Remember This?

I should have known that someone would guess Friday's Remember This super easily. When it comes to old school adventure games, everyone seems to have photographic memories.

So congrats to Noobi who (I think) was first to correctly guess Friday's Remember This. Nicely done!

Good luck with today's effort. There's no chance anyone's getting this on day one. NO CHANCE!


    Nintendo family fun trainer? is that the name of it? the game that has the massive floor mat.

    Manic Mansion
    But that would be an adventure game.

      It does very much look like the dungeon room outside the lab with the dodgy brick

    This one is really easy.

    Biker Mice from Mars

    Awesome! All those years of frustratingly random deaths in Sierra games finally paid off! For today I'm guessing castlevania

    Kleptomania Klap Attack 3:The Klappening

    It's gotta be an Atari game or something, with those rectangular pixels.

    Ghosts and Goblins


    That's Shinobi if ever I saw it!

    Looks like master system version?

    Mission:Impossible on NES hmm

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