Remember This?

Hurray! I finally stumped you. I knew yesterday's Remember This was difficult, so I'll take it a little easier with the second clue.

And here's yesterday's clue to help you all out a bit.

Good luck with today's effort!


    Clarke Gabulls' Pantastic Pudding Extractor

    Michael Jackson's Moonwalker?

      Yeah I thought that yesterday but turns out not.

    Fritzl, the Dungeon Keeper inspired game that was panned worldwide?

    Shinobi on the Master System.

    Could be a lot of old 2D platformers. Maybe even a side scrolling beat 'em up like Double Dragon or Final Fight.

      My money's on Double Dragon, but to mix it up I'll say Bad Dudes...

    I definitely think this is a game on the C64... what it is I have no idea.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on NES?

    My first thought was Shinobi, perhaps one of the dodgier ports for non-Sega systems.

    Last edited 18/11/14 1:11 pm

      I thought shinobi too, but I am going to go with Ninja Gaiden on NES

    I definately thought this was Shinobi yesterday but after seeing this screen shot im sure its Mega Man.

    Or maybe Goonies on the NES, it has a Konami look about it.

    Is it The Untouchables? Not sure what platform... C64 or Amiga, I guess.

    Batman on the C64?

    Shinobi for Sega Master System

    Robocop or Batman the caped crusader or Batman the Movie on C64
    or Technocop on PC or C64

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