Remember This?

Man, so many guesses yesterday. All of them wrong until littlejulesy came along and correctly guess that it was Beverly Hills Cop. What an amazing guess. Well done.

Good luck with today's effort. I can't tell whether it's gonna be difficult or not.


    Definitely feels Mega Drive to me. Maybe a Sonic? Sonic 3D Blast?

      It does have that colouring about it, but probably not.

    For some reason, I'm reminded of Illusion of Time/Gaia. That's probably wrong though.

      That's funny so did I! And I also have no idea why...


    Many an hour playing the Amiga version...

      Probably right; it looks strikingly similar to Arkanoid 2.

    Screen cap of the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire on the side of this page?

    In Search of Dr. Riptide?

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