Remember This?

It didn't take energydrinkhigh too long to correctly guess yesterday's Remember This. First comment wins! It was Alien Breed. Congrats!

Good luck with today's effort everyone!


    One of the Boktai games?

    It's gotta be isometric right?

    Makes me think of Mech Platoon for GBA. Even though I never played it.

    Blackwyche or Airborne Ranger?

    **edit**...guess removed...i know what it is... but i know there's a certain persistent someone here who deserves to guess and win more than me ;)...i'm looking at you @decoy

    Last edited 21/11/14 12:44 pm

      Very nice let the man finally get his guess!

      Twas a month before Christmas
      And all through the house
      Not a Remember This was guessed
      Except for the MICE!

      so what will you do now that your game has come and gone?

    i have no idea how you guys and girls even begin to take a stab at these

      Le'me tell you something. In this wild and woolly universe of ours, there are only three things you can count on: your brains. Your bros'. And your bike!

    Hang on is this some kind of rodent racing game?

      It's clearly Motorcycling Rats from Venus

        wait wait isn't it the sequel?

        Vespa Riding Hamsters from Saturn?

    The Dig!

    Aka, Biker Mice from Mars ;)

    Last edited 21/11/14 1:29 pm


      I used to have a throttle toy with his bike, was really cool I should try and see where it went to next time I'm at my folks

    What format was that game on? My eldest son loves BMFM and would no doubt love to play this game.

      1994 had the SNES version. 2006 had a Play Station 2 version. While they are both epic, the Snes one is superior.

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