Remember This?

I see, I see. Minimalism, eh? Alright, here goes. Well done to decoy on Friday's guess! Now here's another one!

Good luck!


    Road rash

      Yep its Road Rash. Damn your 4 minute head start.

      Well that didn't take long!
      Road Rash was an awesome game.

        sure was, used to play the first one a bunch on sega

          I played this an awful lot when I was a kid. Really hoping the spiritual remake doesn't suck.

            I didn't know there was one coming, I'm not a big fan of car/racing/bike games but I really enjoyed this. I'm hoping for a new twisted metal more than road rash though.

              Twisted Metal World Tour was a game that earned plenty of all night sessions with me and my friends. Never got tired of blowing up the Eiffel Tower.

              If you are interested in the new Road Rash kind of thing:

                Thanks I'll check it out. World tour was my favourite too, probably one of my favourite local multi player games of all time. Spent so many days playing that with my friends as a kid. I used to always play as thumper.

    Some version of California Games, BMX level?

    Also @junglist need to try using images that can't be googled...

      And here I was thinking you all just had great memory

        I brought this up on one of Mark Serrels "Remember this". They soon began being a lot harder as he used parts on the image that google couldn't pin-point the same image, but ones that look very similar, like brick walls etc. :)

        Probably a good idea to do a google image search on it first, as soon as you put this image in it finds road rash.

        That one wasn't too tricky, even without cheating.

    yep, totally Road Rash. 3DO version and the best version

    URL includes 'remember-this-666', So, the answer is Satan.

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