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Alrighty, well done to brancha who was the first to guess yesterday's game, which of course was Road Rash. Speaking of that one, has anyone tried Road Redemption yet?

Here's a new one for you. It was pointed out that yesterday's was too easy to figure out because of reverse image searching, so I'll be grabbing fresh screens from now on. Regardless, I'm expecting you guys & gals to guess this one quite quickly!


    It looks familiar but cannot put a name to the image. Stuff it i will have a wild guess because why not. Richie rich.

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    Chuckie Egg, nope thats not it.

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    A Boy and his Blob

    Keystone cops

    I've tried Road redemption and enjoyed it. Much more of a combat game than road rash and not as realistic. Pushes a lot of the same buttons but still a different game.
    Still needs a bit of work, deaths are still a bit random, certainly on the levels with tornadoes dropping cars in front of you

      Keystone cops? I'm guessing you mean Keystone Kapers on atari? Or was there a different one called Cops?
      If you meant Kapers, this looks nothing like it from memory. I don't even recall ladders. Only escelators/stairs.

        It looks familiar but just looked up keystone kapers and yeah, that's not it. Just blurted out a random guess
        It also reminds me of the ladders in half life

          So many ladders in things over the years! First one that always jumps to my mind is Donkey Kong, but I think the ladders in that were white. Couldn't be assed looking for what other games I think have ladders like that! ;)

    Rod Land C64

    It was kind of like Bubble Bobble but with ladders, fairies and magic wands.

    Lode Runner II - The Bungeling Strikes Back

    I wanted to say an early Commander Keen, but doesn't seem to fit.

    And, has someone tried Road Redemption yet? I'm interested in how it turned out.

    well its not Shaq Fu I know that much

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