Remember This

Congratulations to Littlejulesy who somehow managed to guess yesterday's super, super vague Remember This. It was Dig Dug. Well done. I thought for sure it was unguessable.


Good luck with today's effort.


    Simpsons aliens attack or whatever that game was titled.

      Bart vs the Space Mutants?

    Granny's Garden!


    It's not, but one day I want it to be featured...

      Did you finish it? I sense a BBC person. I may have found another!!!!

        There are a few of us around. I never finished it myself but I do recall someone in my class did. Sadly I never saw the ending :(

          A BBC emulator and a rom downloaded with a google search, and you can yet rectify that. :)

    I thought for sure it was unguessable.

    Come on, Mark. You should know by now that they're all guessable except for the ones you think are actually easy.

    Kung Fu Master

      I put sooo much money into this game.

      According to that video, it's actually Kanfu Master :p

    Damn you energydrinkhigh!!!!

      Haha if it makes you feel any better the music from the Atari version has been stuck in my head since I posted my answer and it's maddening!

    Lol, Dig dug was a treasured game from my childhood. i was like 2 or 3 and i would be cheering as my dad played it on the ol' 286. :)

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