Remember This?

I think B-ob put it best: "Come on, Mark. You should know by now that [Remember This posts] are all guessable except for the ones you think are actually easy". It's so true. Congrats to energydrinkhigh and spaceblancmange (who was pretty close) — the game was Kung Fu Master. Thanks to everyone for having a guess.

Good luck with today's effort. It's super difficult/easy.


    Totally looks like it would have to be a SNES-era Alien game.

    So it's probably not that.

      This looks SO familiar and I can't pick it. Driving me nuts!

    Getting a Team 17/Bitmap Bros. vibe here.
    Chaos Engine or Alien Breed?

    Last edited 28/11/14 12:23 pm

      It looks so familiar to me, maybe chaos engine

      Yeah, colour palette was screaming Bitmap Brothers to me.
      Maybe Xenon 2?

    rock n roll racing


    Last edited 28/11/14 12:32 pm

    Palette reminds me of Zero Wing, but I'm 99% sure it's not.

    Is can't be something as recent as Broforce, can it?

    Shadow of the beast?

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