Sadly, ‘Realistic Minecraft’ Is Not A Real Game

Sadly, ‘Realistic Minecraft’ Is Not A Real Game

Instead, it’s a series of 3D-animated shorts showing what Minecraft could be if it was, well, not more “realistic” per se, but rather more smooth and rounded around the edges.

The animations are made by YouTuber Flashcode using a variety of programs, including Blender, MakeHuman and Adobe Premiere Pro. Seven shorts have been uploaded so far — the most recent one, from yesterday, depicts a typical skeleton attack. But the thing is, in this HD Minecraft, skeletons can actually shoot through windows:

This short from September explores how building and gathering would work:

And in this one from last year, Herobrine makes an appearance. It feels a lot different compared to, say, barricading yourself inside your house to hide from a creeper, but it’s still pretty effective.

Check out the rest of Flashcode’s animated Minecraft shorts here.

Skeleton Battle! – Realistic Styled Minecraft Animation (Ep. 7) [Flashcode@YouTube]


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