Secret Drugs Do Surprising Things In The New GTA V

Secret Drugs Do Surprising Things In The New GTA V

The new versions of GTA V on the PS4 and Xbox One hide some things you haven't seen before, even if you've played the last-gen versions of the game. And some of this stuff can be a little... wacky.

If you don't want to be spoiled on this secret, I suggest you stop reading now!

OK. Ready? Here we go.

As taltigolt documents in this video, the new versions of GTA feature Peyote plants that players can collect. If you find one, your character will eat it — and then they will trip out and think they have transformed into a chicken. Which means that you get to play as a chicken, albeit temporarily, in the new versions of GTA V. It's really funny:

My favourite part when Franklin starts arguing with himself about being a chicken. And while it doesn't look like you'll be able to do too much as a chicken, it's still amusing:

Secret Drugs Do Surprising Things In The New GTA V


Play As A CHICKEN In GTA 5 PS4 HD [taltigolt]

Comments First Person chicken mode?

      First person Chop was freaky enough...

        I hope its available in coop mode. Ha, see what I did there!

    Yeah I got turned in to a pigeon and had a great time crapping on people's heads :-P just need to find the other 26 peyote plants now :) funny thing I could have sworn I heard pigeons cooing before I found the plant so I think there's some sort of audio cue for each of the plants which will tell you what it might turn you in to. Need to find more plants to test it though

      Yeah I saw a video of a dude turning into a Seagull and it made the noise of it as he got closer.

    Quick take the article down before the classification board bans this sick filth.

    A Young Guns reference, sweet.

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