Someone Made A Documentary About GTA V’s… Ocean

Not only that, but the documentary is actually pretty damn good.

I’m not sure how scientific this video by 8-BIT BASTARD, and it kind of doesn’t matter. It’s great to watch the marine wildlife just do its thing, and to listen to 8-BIT BASTARD come up with rationalizations for why everything acts the way it does. I’m especially amused by what happens when he finds the remains of a prehistoric creature.

According to this, almost everything in the waters of GTA V are starving. Cripes!

GTA 5 Wildlife Documentary | Into The Deep [8-Bit Bastard]


  • ” & here we have some of thee most dreaded marine predators off this coast, including a new introduced species from south asia & australia, possibly by people coming back from those nations & dumping them when it got too big, the always dreaded saltwater crocodile, this narrator has learned from sources that these crocs have become maneaters, eating people who have tried to escape from sharks & orcas, this may have been because of an insane person feeding his victims to the crocs. Unconfirmed sources have stated that boats that have been carrying criminals have been mysteriously blowing up after escaping from the coast guard.”

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