Sony PlayStation TV: Australian Pricing And Release Date

PlayStation TV Isn't What You Want It To Be

Backwards-compatibility on today's new next-gen consoles is something we sorely need. Sony hopes to give it to us with the PlayStation TV: a cute little micro-console that's finally coming out in Australia.

PlayStation TV is what Sony calls a "micro-console" that connects to your TV and allows you to play PlayStation Vita, PSP and PS One games, as well as stream movies and TV shows.

It's a small black box that connects to a via HDMI cable. Inside of that box are the guts of a PlayStation Vita handheld gaming system. It features a plug to connect to a wired network (built-in wireless as well), a USB port, a socket for the power adaptor and two slots, one for a proprietary Sony memory card and one that accepts retail Vita games.

PlayStation TV Isn't What You Want It To Be

This little micro-console is coming to Australia on November 14 for $149.95. No word on retailers yet, but we'll update you when we hear more about that.

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    Confirmed Retailers:

    JB Hi-Fi

    If you don't mind the 720p resolution, this thing is a master at streaming PS4 games over ethernet.

    I bought a white one off eBay. Obviously a lot of people want it for the networking/remote play capabilities... I just wanted to test out UMvC3 with my PS3 Madcatz Fightstick Pro, since there was a USB slot on the front that you can use the Dualshocks with too. Unfortunately, the stick didn't even register at all, so that dream died. Not a big deal as I'm modding a Vita so it's portable... hope it works!

    I'm hoping that "November 14" actually means "November 13" (since games tend to come out on the Thursday) because there's no way I'm leaving my house during the G20 weekend.

      It's not as if police/security are constantly walking down your street and blocking access to shops, right?

    So besides playing your PS4 games in another room, that stupidly expensive PlayStation NOW service, and barely any Vita games, what does it do? Seems like it has the potential to be awesome, but Sony released it half baked.

    The only Vita game I can think of that I want to play is Uncharted, and that's not even compatible with this thing. You'd think Sony could patch in alternate control schemes.

    I've been using my US model for a few weeks and I love it. Nothing like Senran Kagura on the big screen ;)

    PlayAsia had the value pack for $89 US - white Vita TV with dualshock 3 and 8gb Memory card

    Update the firmware and it runs AU accounts

    Just waiting for delivery now

    Way too expensive for a console that I seldom use. It sounds like a brilliant idea but not at that price on a system no one really plays.
    Which is a huge pity because the Vita is a solid little handheld.

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