South Park Craps All Over Free-To-Play Games

South Park Craps All Over Free-To-Play Games

Last night's episode of South Park was an ode to all things freemium, and as you might expect from the longrunning comedy show, they went in hard on the unethical free-to-play menace that has been plaguing video games for the past few years.

I won't spoil much about the episode - which you should acquire through means best deemed by you - other than to say that they nailed it. Anyone who has fallen thrall to the likes of Farmville or EA's Dungeon Keeper will feel their thumbs twitching. Also, there are demons.

We've got clips, of course. Here's South Park's explanation of what "freemium" - the "mium" is Latin for "not really" - actually means:

And here, from later in the episode, is South Park's explanation of what freemium ACTUALLY means:

"Don't think about that! Think about all the money!" Sound familiar?


    "Here, have a bump of coke!"

    :O Season 18 has started! I've been waiting a while but forget all about it, guess I've got something to do today. Sorry I had to skip from watching the videos, I'll leave it for when I watch it :)

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      tbh I have yet to find a funny episode in this season, kinda disappointed.
      Don't get me wrong I can get a few laughs with some of the stuff but nothing as good as the earlier seasons.

      South park seems to have changed their formula, as much as I hate to say it, it's catering towards family guy/american dad types.

        Its catering to the exact OPPOSITE audience than what you described

        If you arent picking up the subtleties and issues in this season, then South Park isnt for you

          absolutely... south park vocally hates family guy, can't see matt and trey doing that.

          I do get subtleties, I really do and It's something that I have always loved in South Park series, I started watcing sp since the first ep came out on SBS in 1997 - seen every episode countless times I could almost recite most eps. I also was lucky enough to have lunch (with a few other) with Matt and Trey many years ago from a competition I had won. Seen all their films, Cannibal! The Musical, basket ball, The Spirit of Christmas and Orgazmo etc... Seen the The Book of Mormon of 3 times in theatre. I'm a die hard SP fan and I kind of take offence to the " South Park isnt for you" statement. I still stand by my original comment in saying that this current season is not as funny as the past seasons yet to see one episode that compares to the others.

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          I did not say it was like family guy/ad I was referring to their fans

            Read your comment, you said it was catering to their audience, to which i said it was catering to the exact opposite audience you claimed it was catering to. I clearly read what you wrote and I know you didnt say it was anything like FG/AD, and I never accused you of saying it was

      This is quite a few eps in mate. Get on board, as a long long long time south park fan from the beginning, this is the best season they've had in probably 5 years IMO.

        Yep. The only episode I didn't really get into this season has been the very first one. But every other one has been gold. Lorde, Drones, I LIKE TO SLEEP AT NIGHT TIME... this season is great! :D There's also a stronger sense of continuity between episodes, which is great :)

          Yeah the latest one where Stan goes on about "How many songs will I have to write to make this money back?" XD

            My brother and I lost our shit. The Lorde sub-plot is one of the funniest running gags that they have. I love it :D

            You mean Randy!

              Haha, yeah, that flew straight by me too! Simple mistake - he was talking to Stan anyways haha :)

                Yep sorry guys :B I'm normally the guy going "ermm you mean Randy right?"

          I loved the first ep. Huge NFL follower though, so the portrayal of Snyder and Washington I thought was hilarious. Even better that Comedy Central took out advertising for the game during the Skins v Eagles.
          Overall this season has been great.

    This is awesome. I also love they way they accurately pronounce 'aboooot' with the Canadian accent.

    I hope it also touches on the fact that when a mobile game becomes hugely popular, a slew of other basically identical games then come out.

    So happy with this season of South Park so far. It's the funniest in probably the last 5 years. This ep in particular just nails it :D

    South Park - the best way to get serious messages across because they can blatantly say it how it is and class it as comedy/satire when people get butthurt.

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