Star Wars: Episode VII Is Called... The Force Awakens

Star Wars: Episode VII Is Called... The Force Awakens

Filming is done on the seventh Star Wars film, which today got an official name: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars: Episode VII Is Called... The Force Awakens



    I like it. Simple and doesn't reveal a whole lot.

    Oh man I need to goto sleep, I read the title wrong.

    I thought it said, "Star Wars: Episode VII Is Cancelled... The Force Awakens"

    My heart nearly stopped.

    Pretty much nailed it in my mind. Plus the movie will likely be fantastic, so there's that going for it too.

    Bring on next year!

    Filming is done, now for a year of digital 'enhancements' and lens flares to be added.

    Seriously though, as with everyone else I'm hoping this will be awesome

    Not bad. I quite like it. I'm cautiously optimistic. And also super keen to see what Abrams does with this. I love how he is using practical effects for creatures wherever possible. Just like old school Star Wars. Love that idea.

    I hope it means 'The Force' is some sort of intelligent entity, like a swarm of midochlorians that borgify into a sentient being that's angry at the way it's being used by Jedi and Sith to toss objects around and bend people to their will :)

    Neat, they named it after the term I use for my morning wood.

    I don't... I don't like it :S I really hope it grows on me though. I certainly like most of the cast so far.

    "Since this movie is made by Disney, Princess Leia will technically be a Disney Princess after its release to theatres." - IMDB.

    I laughed when I read that.

    Looks good. I found things to enjoy about the prequal trilogy, I loved the original trilogy, I'm predicting a balance between the two for the sequel trilogy. As long as they don't make the JarJAr Mistake* we'll be right.

    * JarJar Mistake: Incorporating a character specifically catering to children, and giving them too much screen time.

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