Starbound Is Just As Beautiful As On Day One

Starbound Is Just As Beautiful As On Day One

Dayshot: Starbound turns one year old next week, and it’s just as beautiful as on day one. The game has been getting regular updates this year in the form of nightly builds; in this screenshot, lead developer Tiyuri is showing off a boat that may or may not end up in the game eventually. That sunset and those colours though.

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    • So I’m not the only one! Anyways, I haven’t heard much about Starbound since last year, is it still alive and well?

  • I don’t think nightly builds should count as proper updates. My experience with them has been constant crashes, corruption and things flat out not working. The longest I managed to play for was 25 minutes.
    I just hope that the game can at least be finished sometime in the next year or two so I won’t feel like I wasted my money.

    • They were meant to release it in 2013 as far as I know. Their last stable update was some time in April. It’s fun with friends on a modded stable version, but nightlies aren’t. Just about everyone crashes on em.

  • For someone experimenting in stable build and not in the nightly build, this game may appear to be at a complete standstill. And even at nightly, nothing big happens.

    After all the drama on the forums and subreddit about the lack of visible progress and of timeline disappointments, causing them to now just post “What I did today” junk most days of the week, I simply… gave up on it.

    They keep refitting and replacing temporary game systems. I get that those were old Alpha build bits and not representative of the final game, but the momentum is clearly gone if they keep stalling their major updates. “Early Access” doesn’t describe this game at all.

    • Pretty much this. The game has so much potential but it isn’t going anywhere for some reason. I don’t even remember when the last major update was. It must’ve been around the end of last year or something.

      The game is enjoyable but knowing it could get so much better, and that it is incomplete and will be for a long time given how they’re “progressing”, it really saddens me.

      There is the possibility that they’re just purposely going at an extremely slow pace since they’ve already got our money and have no motivation or reason to develop faster. The “we are relocating” excuse is exaggerated in my opinion. Its almost been a year with no major change to the game.

      At least the game has taught me to never buy anything with “early access” again.

      • The last documented stable is all the way back in April. They say stable is being updated soon (and with the Novakids apparently), but that could mean anything knowing them.

      • “At least the game has taught me to never buy anything with “early access” again.”
        A lot of potential, but it’s a broken beta and has been forever.

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