Steam Sales Could Start This Wednesday

It's not Christmas yet. It's not even December. But according to a VG247 report, PayPal let it slip that the Steam sales are going to start this week, so get ready.

PayPal's email told customers to stock up on Steam wallet codes, because the sale was due to start on the 26th, and end on December 1st.

It seems like the Steam holiday period is becoming more and more like the US holiday period — it starts earlier every year. Weekly sales, daily sales, 8-hourly sales... If you haven't taken part yet, it's seriously something to get onto. You'll find great deals on must-play games like Braid or Super Meat Boy, as well as triple-A titles.

For those who've been through (read: survived) a few, the same games do start to repeat themselves over and over, so we'll be keen to see which of this year's releases will be severely discounted. It was another great year for games, both triple-A and indie, so here's hoping

Of course, it's worth noting that "sale culture" might not be the best thing for PC gaming. But while they're happening, you might as well get amongst it.

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    I think that picture just about sums up how we all end up feeling...

      But think of all the money you'll save!

      Or at least that's how I try to justify it to myself.

        Yep that old trick of "the more you spend, the more you save!" lol

          75% off! I'd be crazy not to!

          Too bad 100 games at 75% off is still a lot of money, but we don't think about that :p

      Not me, I don't even have a Steam account :)

        Poor you!

          Oh nooo, I'm not wasting a large amount of money to buy games I'll never play on PC. Damn. What a terrible life to live.

            A computer obviously touched you inappropriately as a child.

              Maybe he touched a computer inappropriately and he's still paying the medical bills.

            That's ok, there are plenty of other pointless things to waste your money on so you don't have to feel left out. ^_-

    I think I've bought everything I've wanted from previous sales.

    I think GOG knows when it's coming. They have accurately timed their big sales two weeks in advance more than once at this point.

    It seems like there's a Steam sale every 3 months now.

      Summer, christmas, thanksgiving, autumn, Halloween.. Hmm I forget what else they celebrate in sales..

      Last edited 24/11/14 6:44 pm

    I am sticking solely to items already on my wishlist, and I won't buy anything at less than 75% off. Those are my rules for this sale, and I'm sticking to 'em.

    My rule: No Gifting.

      Yeah, I put a fixed amount in my wallet for late-sale gifting and it drained way too fast and well before I really got something for everyone who I wanted to. I'm supposed to be saving for an overseas holiday, dammit!

    Maybe this year they've decided to merge the Thanksgiving and Christmas sales into one giant jubillee of wallet torture?

    Thank you Lord Gaben... but I don't think I'm gonna make it, I'm almost literally drowning in my pile of shame as it is...

    I've already purchased most of the games I want from previous sales. It seems each year I spend less and less on these Steam sales, which is great. I recently purchased a PS4 so I'm willing to bet I won't buy anything in this year's summer sale. On a side note - I'm really tempted to get Oddworld - New'n'Tasty, has anyone played it?

      Yep, I like it. It's shiny and smooth, and evokes all sorts of nostalgia... I'm also really digging the extended camera view/depth.

        hmm ?
        is this oddworld something to do with Abe?

    I'm hoping to pick up some of the titles I missed. I want Shadows of Mordor, Wolfenstein and Evil Within.

    I haven't seen anyone talking about Mystery Cards dropping from crafted badges yet... usually that's the precursor to the big sales...

    Edit: just re-read the article - 4 day sale? Probably just a black Friday sale or something

    Last edited 24/11/14 1:31 pm

    I'm hoping Brave New World is on sale for me and L4D1 and 2 are on sale so I can buy for a mate so we can have 4 players, not 3

    It's a useful heads-up from PayPal. For good reason.

    If you use PayPal to buy things on Steam, put some money in your Steam wallet in advance. PayPal has a complicated and inscrutable (even to them) security system which goes fucking haywire during Steam sales. It is not uncommon for Steam purchases to be temporarily blocked by PayPal during these sales.

    If you really truly superduper care about getting something last-minute on special, you'll want to have something set aside in your wallet to make sure of it.

    I feel sorry to any new-comers to steam during sales. I spent way to much my first sale, I've now learnt to buy one game every 1-3 months(if there are any i like) and I'm saving a lot more now.

    Steam have had Spring time sales for the last 2 years running starting mid to late Nov. Thinking its a 'thing' they do now...

    Last edited 24/11/14 3:51 pm

    Does it usually end within a week? 26th - 1st Dec isn't even close Christmas? I thought the sales lasted a least 2 weeks like the Summer Sale?

    What!? No, Gaben... I couldn't possibly... buy... everything.

    On no!!!
    I'm trying to save :(

    Mrs gave me a 50 dollar cap.

    Good! I hope that Assassin's Creed 4 will finally get a decent sale, considering Unity is out now, and Rogue will be out next year. I already own it on the Wii U, but if the price is right, I'll double dip :)

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