Steam Sales For Android: Never Miss Another Deal

Valve has done a lot of work to make the search for Steam deals, discounts and sales easier (if you choose to ignore all the sites that make this straightforward already), but it always helps to have another tool in one's bargain-hunting arsenal. If you own an Android-powered device, there's a new app you can grab, the appropriately named "Steam Deals", that should be right at home on your, uh, home screen.

As the description on Google Play explains, along with providing a way to just peruse Steam (via an embedded browser), you can also create filters and set up notifications for games on sale.

A nice touch is that the user interface closely matches the native one — there's even symbols and info for details like platform, Metacritic score and user ratings.

I don't have an Android phone or tablet, putting me in the unfortunate position of not being able to use it myself, but the user scores on Google Play are almost universally positive — it's sitting at five stars from 18 reviews. It's free as well, so you don't have much to lose by giving it a whirl.

Steam Sales [Google Play, via Reddit]


    Of note is the currency is currently locked in USD

      I may be wrong, but I think even Steam is locked to USD.

        There is talk that the app should be doing localized conversion (at least, that's on the wishlist?)

    Or you could you know just use the normal steam app and add games you want to watch to your wish list to get an email when it's on sale

      This has actually been really unreliable for me, for some reason. Every now and again I'll get an email, but most of the time I don't :/

        You could be right, I don't monitor it enough to know if I've been missing deals

          Yeah mine are on my wishlist then i never get an email, ive even gone on steam and seen games on my wishlist on like 75% off and no email or notifaction

    If you also want to be in touch with deals video game related, i can definitely recommend reddit gamedeals, it covers everything from steam, GOG, PSN, etc etc. =)

    Can't find it, mightn't be up anymore?

    I just import my wishlist to and have it notify me if the price drops below 70% off. That gets rid of all the 10-66% off discount notifications.

    The last thing I need is for it to become even easier to spend money on Steam Sales.

    Won't somebody think of my poor wallet?!

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