Stormtrooper Walking Across Australia (Not Yet Killed By Spiders)

Stormtrooper Walking Across Australia (Not Yet Killed By Spiders)

Scott Loxley, a member of the 501st Legion, is walking around Australia. It's a big country, I should know, but I also know that he's walking around the parts full of animals that kill humans for sport.

In 18 months, Loxley has walked nearly 10,000km, which is just over halfway. In keeping with the Australian road theme, when hungry and alone in the desert, he will sometimes "grab snakes and cable tie them to his trolley alive until they are ready to eat."

He's doing it all for charity, having raised nearly $20,000 in donations so far for a children's hospital.

You can read more, and donate, here.

Stormtrooper Walking Across Australia (Not Yet Killed By Spiders)


    Holy crap this guy is still going?! And he's only raised 20 grand? Where's my cheque book...

    Yeah, I just donated. $2 per km is terrible, get your wallets open Australia!!

      how do you donate ?!

    Only $20,000, seriously? More people will give money to some dude for growing a moustache in November than to this guy for walking around Australia in a freaking hot stormtrooper costume? In terms of difficulty and hardship it really doesn't compare.

    Disclaimer: Movember is a really good cause and I applaud those that participate.

    ah what animals are there that hunt aussies for sport? are you even Australian? crocs live in the NT in rivers swamps etc not on a damn roadway. sure might be some snakes but they are reptiles. there are NO animals that hunt here, bar the odd dingo. we do not have Mountain Lions, Cougars, Brown bears , black bears, grizzly bears...... Australia is full of all the little things that will fuck you up :) but we certainly don't have the problems of the US or Africa regarding to walking in the wild...... just sayin. and DROPBEARS don't count..... seriously can you please name any animals that hunt humans for sport here in Australia?

      seriously can you please name any animals that hunt humans for sport here in Australia?


      I can even mimic them... You ready? *Clears throat*

      "Oi... Oi cunt... Fuck you cunt, I'm talking to you... Why you'se dressed like a faggot?"

      "I'm raising money for charity"

      "What you say cunt? Fuck off, give me some of that money, cunt"

      "Sorry, I wouldn't call you charity, mate"

      "What cunt? You being a fucking smart cunt? I'll fuckin bash you, cunt"

        Does it make me a bad person for upvoting this? What the hell, upvoting for realistic depiction of actual events.

          Three idiots who were like that tried to rob me as I was walking from the train station.

          They are drugged up, malnourished, and stupid. Don't be afraid to fight back, they are all bark and no bite.

    The original idea goes to a guy called Jacob French. He did the stormtrooper walk in 2011 from Perth to Sydney (5000kms) and raised over $100,000. Loxley is part of the same group and upped the ante but the reason he perhaps isn't gathering as much donations is because french did it 2 years ago. And people really did donate quite alot.

      They are part of the 501st Legion.

      Nitpick: he is a sandtrooper, not a stormtrooper.

        Also, my nitpick is not against fistfull but the article writer.

    Was hard enough by tricycle. Even fewer people have walked round Oz than ridden (and the number of people who have ridden round Australia is comparable to the number that have reached the summit of Everest...). Good on him.

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