Surprise! Framed Is Out Today On iOS!

I've been waiting for Framed for seemingly years now. As the awards and the plaudits rolled in, I just sort of sat there with my arms folded in an intense stare. When is it coming out? When is it coming out?

Then last night I got a message. "Hey Mark, Framed is coming out tonight!"

So yeah, Framed is now available on the Apple store. Just like that.

What is Framed? At it's simplest Framed is a puzzle game. But the team at Loveshack call it a 'narrative panel-swapper'. This is a game in which you take a comic book panel, switch them out, flip them around, and watch the narrative shift as a result. It's pure genius and I'm so excited about playing the final product.

Why come out of the blue with no prep or planning or announcement? Apparently it's a "surprise" thing.

Consider me thoroughly surprised.


    Insta-bought this as soon as I saw the news on FB. So great, already through the first 15 or so pages. Just amazing design and execution!

    Cannot wait for this to be on a platform other than Apple. Been looking forward to this for a very long time myself. Adore the concept.

    Also, I did ask the devs at PAX when it was releasing... I'm sure they said longer than this, but I am not complaining.

    Was just thinking, I hope there's a Humble Bundle version in the works or something.

    Rad. I can move on from Trials Frontier. Phew.

      ewww people are actually playing that freemium bullshit? was so excited to see trials on the app store, excitement turned to cautious optimism when i saw it was free, then absolutely shattered when i saw all the microtransaction bullshit...

      Edit: please dont take offence... nothing against people for playing it, but AAA devs that pull this kind of shit completely disgust me.

        Hahaha! No offence. Didn't pay anything for it. I actually enjoyed it MINUS the paid BS.

        I was shattered as well. Would of happily paid cash for it, but the constant begging for money? Nah, not down with that. Fuel was easy enough to get. Changing dates took 5 seconds and I was back in action.

        I do not support micro transaction stuff at all. Only game I have touched that had this service. I was just a big fan of Trials is all. :(

        Actually Trials Frontiers is very playable without paying. Pretty decent game. Fuel is easy to get and you can increase the maxium amount for free aswell with a tiny bit of grinding,

    would be really awesome, if you could put the itunes link? Too many "Framed" in the store :(

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