Sydney's First Video Gaming Bar Opens This Weekend

It's been a long time since we were promised a Mana Bar in Sydney and while it appears as though that ship has sailed, another has docked in port. I'm talking about Spawn Point, a brand new small bar opening this weekend.

Spawn Point is pretty close to the CBD, wedged in between Town Hall and Wynard Station at 199 Clarence Street. It's relatively small, much like the Mana Bar actually.

It opens up this Saturday at 4.30pm. Apparently it's going to be extremely busy, but there is going to be a pretty sweet SMS system set up so you don't have to queue outside the venue.

I'm looking forward to checking this place out. You can find out more about Spawn Point at their Facebook page.


    holy crap why wasnt there more info on this i would have wanted to go... loljokes wod came out.

    Love a side of claustrophobia with my gaming.

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