System Shock On Sega Genesis Could Have Been A Thing. Maybe.

System Shock On Sega Genesis Could Have Been A Thing. Maybe.

System Shock, one of the most innovative and beloved PC games of all time, could have also made an appearance on the… Sega Genesis. Although it was a bit of a long shot.

Writer Joe Martin has shared this old pitch document from System Shock, in which publisher Origin discuss the potential merits of bringing Looking Glass’ game over to Sega’s console.

It all starts off so optimistically! Then you get towards the end and it becomes pretty clear why this was never a thing.


  • Also the reason: “No-one else is going to do it….”

    This is one of the worst pitch documents ever.

  • Could have worked. The Mega Drive could pull off some decent first person graphics – the 3D segment in Toy Story was a great example – as was Zero Tolerance & Blood Shot. Even more interesting would have been if could incorporate the SVP chip. I always wondered what that could have been done with that chip apart from Virtua Racing.

    There’s so much work on these older consoles that still could have been done. I love watching old stuff like this pushed to the limits. This fan-made port of Wolfenstein 3D is a testament to this… it blows my mind.

    Another vid:

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