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    Morning all! Hope your weekends were PAX-filled and pox-free.

    My Undad Kickstarter campaign has reached the 40% funded milestone, and in just three days. It took All The King's Men its entire 30-day funding period to achieve that milestone.

    I've spoken to my artists, and they are going to be contributing some content to the campaign updates, as well as some original art that can be sold off as a reward. I'm excited about this; stay tuned for news as it develops.


    It's not too late for you to get involved (although it is too late to get your likeness into Issue 2, unless you have a spare $500).

    Want to help? Here are some ways you can do so, including a number of free options:

    1. Pledge to the campaign.
    This is obviously the most directly helpful. Even $1 makes a difference. Every pledge, no matter how small, boosts the project's popularity in Kickstarter and brings Undad closer to its funding goal.

    2. Post a comment on the Kickstarter page
    The Kickstarter popularity and magic algorithms are weird and mysterious beasts. There seems to be a general consensus that the number of pledges, comments, and shares are all key factors in determining a project's popularity.

    3. Post about it on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or [insert social media].
    Again, this is a key factor in the Kickstarter algorithms. The more posts that exist, the better the ranking. So post early, post often (or, you know, just once is okay and will be appreciated)!

    4. Tell friends, family, acquaintances.
    If you know anyone who might be interested in Undad, please tell them about it. If you refer other people to Undad, you can earn additional rewards for yourself. Here are the details of the scheme.

    5. Moral support
    Keep being your awesome selves.

    I leave you now to your regularly scheduled Monday. Sorry about that. MONDAAAAAAAAAAAAY *shakes fist*

      And don't forget I'm hosting a giveaway in conjunction with Shane's Kickstarter.
      Entry is open to all TAY peoples. To enter, just make a pledge to back Undad. To get a bonus entry, post about it on Twitter and tag me (@strangist).
      The prize is one sewn/quilted item made by me with your chosen two colours and theme.

      You can't tell me what to do, I'm not share that on twitter
      Mostly because they are all taybies following me on twitter. Shared it on facebook where the none taybie people are

      had a brilliant time at pax, as an enforcer/volunteer, definitely going to apply to volunteer next year and get a room near the convention so i can attend those late panels :)

      Hey look, it's one of those can you name all the characters games


          Showgrounds PAX
          Royal Exhibition Center PAX
          Federation Square
          Karaoke Bar
          Mana Bar
          Park... that rains $10 bills
          Blagh's house
          Canadia (with Bish and Saturday in the background)
          Regret (Basically in front of a KFC)

            PAX North?

            It's a thing! :P

              Was that photo PAX north, was it, DC? :P
              I'm sure there'd be a PAX north edition, but can you meet that many choices of fighters?

                You were all there in my dreams! :P

      Remember how we all almost fell off the couch when the photo was taken!? Good times!

        Man, I always remember the time when I almost snapped my neck. haha good times!

      Dammit I missed the photo! Turned out awesome though

    Everyone take a card

      Now what?

        you have the PIRATE power: you may publicly reveal your Pirate card, pick any player
        in the room (besides yourself) and verbally and loudly tell them, "Argh, walk the plank." However, your card must permanently remain publicly revealed for the rest of the game. This means that you can only use this power once. Your target player gains the "blasted" condition. A player with the “blasted” condition must be one of the hostages exchanged at the end of the round. If the PIRATE power is used during the last round, then that player is the single hostage.
        Note: If a player with the "blasted" condition were to acquire the "tackled" condition, the two conditions would cancel one another, leaving the player with neither condition.

        Seriously, there's like 200 roles with individual rules like this.

      *yelling* IM THE BOMBER GUYS!
      *shows everyone the card*

    On the weekend I:
    - got a photo taken with Chris Roberts (life complete!)
    - got a hug from Freeze! (never showering again!)
    - awkwardly introduced myself to a number of taybies well after I first saw them \o/
    - met Mark Serrels and swooned
    - got free games!

    Overall a top weekend!
    On the subject of free games, Gearbox was handing out free season passes to Tales of the Borderlands during their conference, and me as the terrible person I am "accidentally" grabbed 1 too many free keys... Sooooooo, who wants it? Free to good home

      *glances around*
      How... has this not been taken yet? Uhm. I would like one?

        I would have been all over this, but I had sleeping in to take care of! I regret nothing! :D

          Stand by for when I get home

            What? No! Transient got it fair and square. I was planning on buying it any way to support my beloved adventure game genre! <3

              (I may have another laying around XD)

                But that's yours! YOURS! :D

                Thank you, though. Totally not necessary. :)

                Oh, well that saves me the trouble of passing in favour of DC who loves the genre more! :)

        Do I have you on steam? I think I do... I'll chat you the deets when I get home

          Sweet, thanks. ...But for safety's sake, we'll make sure DC gets his first. :)

            No! I insist Transientmind gets it! This could escalate to fisticuffs, otherwise! (Or a polite stand-off where no one accepts any thing. :P)

              Ahh, classic police stand-off... Definitely in my top 20 ways to go out.

              I'm now mentally picturing a Polite-Off, where both parties practically shoulder-check each other to get to the door first, in order to be the one to hold it open for the other, and disaster is only narrowly-averted when there turns out to be a nearby second set of doors to the destination, where the party who had the door held for them can race to reach first in order to hold open for the first door-holder.

                There's a blockbuster action sequence in here somewhere!

    Wifey called me while I was at PAX telling me the display in our TV had died. Figured if be home in half a day and I'll have a look then.

    Good news it was just a software error and only needed to manually reset it.

    Bad news wife had in a panic already rushed out and got a new one.

    Consequently I now have a 46", 55" and a 60" with nowhere to put the 55"......

    Man.... talk about first world problems....

      Time to build the man cave! Also how much was the tv? I need to get a new one I have a 42" and it looks tiny in our entertainment unit

        About $1500. It's the featured one on JB's front page. Alarm bells went off in my head about the price but it seems it was just me confused about TV pricing these days. I got the 55 years and years ago and it was $4000 so I just sort of assumed they would still be that price.

          Thats a good price, ill have to save up and hopefully boxing day sales will be kind to me

          That makes me feel unsure about my 40' that I got for about $450. It was from ALDI though so I'm surprised it's still functioning.

            What are those Aldi TV's like? On paper the specs sound rather impressive for the price..

              Not bad honestly. I got mine last year and haven't had an issue with it yet. I do get a bad signal on a few channels but that's mostly the shoddy antenna on my roof.

              I don't game on my TV so I can't say how it'd go in that regard but it seems like it would do alright.

                Good to hear at least one product with an electrical cord from Aldi works well lol.

      Any chance to get it refunded? Has she already opened it all up?
      Worth a try if you can

    Yay, PAX was fun. A bit sad I didn't get to meet up with anyone from TAY, I walked past Mark a few times and I think I saw Shiggy and people I assumed to be taybies at McDonalds, but I couldn't really abandon my group to say hi D:

    Only a couple of people recognised my cosplay, I guess not many people have seen the Persona 5 trailer :P

      Me neither. :P Saw Serrels and quickly said hi and shook his hand. Also managed to grab @redartifice because I recognised the cosplay! Perhaps the only other TAY person I met is @f4ction. Unfortunately didn't have time for the karaoke meat.

      I think I saw a Persona-ish cosplay at one point. Nice!

    Morning errbody hows every little thing?

    My weekend was flat out! PAX for Friday meeting a bunch of awesome people and checking out a bunch of the stands only to have to leave early due to a family issue, but by leaving early we had time after to take Moni to the beach for a swim.

    Saturday more PAX including meeting even more people, giving the rift a shot (its pretty awesome) and lounging in bean bags watching TAYbies fill their MtG cocaine addictions. After that was the Saturday night event (thanks @scree and @tech_knight for organizing it) which had bowling and karaoke and beer and disney songs! It was really amazing. Then I walked to the station with @f4ction and had to wait 40 minutes for our train..didnt get home till after midnight!

    Sunday was spent recouperating from the first two days and spending time with Moni as shes been sad while we were gone. I played some Watch Dogs then Cathryns friends came over and stayed the night. We drank and played guitar hero and just dance before they put a movie on and I fell asleep right away. Turns out while I was sleeping I missed 2 movies and they baked a cake.

    A Monday question with PAX now over we reflect on the fun we had and the memories we made. Do you feel Anything at PAX could of been handled differently to make the experience better?

      Yes. They could have held it in Canberra so I could attend.

      I actually thought everything was handled fairly well... Maybe the only thing is don't allow Razer to have speakers near their booth? :P those things were freaking loud!

        Yeah I tried to avoid Razer simply because of that. I felt the Promenade section where the trials truck was was abit out of the way which is the only thing I'd change

          ... I must have missed that entirely, I don't remember seeing that :P

            Well you had to walk past a half dozen bars plus the Munich beer hall so it isn't surprising that you don't remember

      Was great to get the chance to catchup with you and the missus, had been far too long.
      As for what could be done differently, hmmmm maybe a child minding service so I could checkout more of the main expo hall.
      Not that it is a PAX specific thing but doubling the size of the rift area would still have been flat out all day.

        It has! And tiglet was so cute in her lion costume!

        The rift line was stupidely long thats why I went to the indie section and played on one there

          I tried the Shane Warne cricket game. If they get the motion tracking better once the stem gets released it could work really well.
          I hadn't really thought of sports games with the rift but after that it could work really well. For something like cricket or baseball where you can just stand still and swing. But if people can deal with the disorientation of movement without moving having a full motion games. Being on the pitch and looking around at where the ball is and where the opponents are.

          FPS (first person sportsball) is the new genre

      The queue's were pretty lame. I skipped a ton of stuff due to it. Couple have used the PAX app to do virtual queing with TV screens showing the batch number of people coming in... you show your app with confirmation, you're let in. Especially useful for panels.

      Otherwise, everything else was pretty rad.

    Public service announcement: @fled is totally a rad dude. And that was before I learned how generous the guy is. Seriously dude. Dude. Seriously. Dude.

      Sorry it took me so long to say hi to you... Again... :P
      At least I got a hug this time so I can always treasure that memory!

      Also @fled seemed pretty damn cool! I didn't get to chat alot with him but he seemed damned nice

      It was super awesome to finally meet some more TAYbies!

      Melbourne in general was cool, I had a great week over there.

      Back home west now ...with my Krispy Kremes.

    Someone from Reddit put up 60 or so pics of people in Cosplay from PAX on Imgur, dunno if anyone from TAY is there (I only knew Freeze & Nobs get ups looked like)

      The hobby horse wielding Alice was pretty cool. As was the full Mass effect group.
      No taybies as far as I could see

        I had to double take on the Wrex cuz that was REALLY done well

      Star Lord should have gone as Yondu. Looks more like Michael Rooker.

    Sad to be home but two days off to recover and play Bayonetta 2 is a bit of a plus.

    I'm throwing my voice into the chorus of 'PAX was amazing' posts. Highlights were obviously the big meat on Saturday and all the games of 2 Rooms 1 Boom (or however that name went). So, the big social things. Lots of fun and I miss everyone already.

    I thought I'd throw a shout out around for all of the South East Queensland based TAYbies who might be interested. A friend of mine is launching an online shop for tabletop and board games called Vault Games and to celebrate they're having a grand opening at the Bridge Club at Woolloongabba this coming weekend. They're having a few special events going on as well, including a Magic draft and a Star Wars Miniatures competition. More details can be found below.

      Apparently that Bridge Club is home of a pretty rad board gaming group. I wish I had found that out when I was living in Brisbane.

        I'm actually surprised how many board gaming enthusiasts are in Brisbane. My friend has managed to rustle up three different independent board game developers who are going to showcase their products on the day.

        I didn't even realise Brisbane had board game developers before this.

          Australia has board game developers?

            Apparently so. I didn't know either but apparently they go on Kickstarter and everything.

            There was even a guy in the tabletop area at PAX demoing one of his that he's in the process of developing. Monstrous, I think it was called? It was pretty decent.

      I love Australian place names

        Like; Woolloomooloo. Reminds me of a video when Alice Cooper toured here last, him attempting to pronounce city names. He got to Woolloomooloo & just couldn't get it.

        Sometimes if we're lazy we just call it the Gabba or the G although that's generally only for the stadium.

        Another place in a similar vein is Indooroopilly. Wrap your head around that one. :P

          The Gabba is never the G. The G is the MCG not the BCG.

          What's wrong with Indo?

            Oh my bad for the stadium. Shows how much I pay attention to sports.

            Indo is but one short version of it. There's Indo, the Pilly, In Da Pilly. Also the way most people pronounce it is Indrapilly. So it tends to confuse people a bit.

              I was being sarcastic. Indooroopilly works as a bit of a shibboleth. Brisbane suburbs have a lot of shibboleths.

              Man, everyone I know calls it Indro.

                Can't believe I forgot Indro. Yeah, Indro seems to be the most common shorthand by far.

          I went to school in indooroopilly. We called it 'indro'. I miss hilarious brissy suburb names.

    Goooooooooooooooood morning everybody!

    I'm in a great mood because it's the first "proper" day of my holidays. Waking up at 9:30 with no alarm, on a work day. Just feels fantastic.

    PAX was great, had a really fun time catching up with lots of people though I'm disappointed I didn't get more time to catch up with TAYbies (at the TAYble) over the course of the weekend. It's something I plan on remedying next year (am I already planning for next year!?) and I'll for sure go to whatever meat is planned. I got my fix of Star Citizen, got my autographs and photos (as did @pixel_the_ferret_viking and @rize - seriously very happy with how that came out) so next year my schedule will be clear.

    What's on this week: Packing for Thailand. Already! Hooray!

    I gloated about this during PAX to some TAYbies and I'm going to gloat here just for some "street cred". A friend of mine and I managed to play from start to finish TMNT Arcade on the NES. A full 2 and a half hours we played using skill, stubbornnesspersistence and timing and we managed to beat the entire game. It basically fulfilled my friend's childhood dream of actually beating that game cuz he never could as a kid.

    @cookingmama @batguy @tigerion Are you okay with me uploading a few pictures to Flickr/Instagram of your child?
    I plan to separately make a dropbox for you to get more high res ones of them as well (as I took a lot because I'm mad), but I'm not comfortable publicly sharing a lot of pictures without permission.

      Permission granted. Let the adorableness flow

      Go for it :) I can make a google drive folder and share it with you for our pics. I'll send a DM.

    Hhgggggn I think I feel a giveaway coming on. Stay tuned.

      Hopefully it's a giveaway I can pay money for. Those are the best kind. :)

      You're not supposed to be giving anything away, you're supposed to be selling them for Bloodborne! >:|

        I'd rather do nice things for my friends and take a gamble on Christmas coming through for me! :)

    It's all unseasonably rainy and windy in Brisbane today! It's the best damn weather!

      I wish it would rain down this way, SO DRY Q_Q

      I agree, It's awesome. Bonus is it's not so damn hot like it has been!

      I love that kind of weather. When there's a grey ceiling on the sky, a chill in the air, and it's moving and alive and has the tiniest hint of fresh water in it. The smell of potential rain brings out one's inner thunder god, wishing that the sky would just give in to its rage and lash the world with righteous fury.

    I didn't see this but I think this is my favourite cosplay I heard of from PAX

      The camera should really be circling around slow, Arkham City-style. XD

    How is every one?

    I haven't been on TAY to post for a while. Pax looked awesome, so jealous of you guys n girls that got to go. I had my father-in-law visiting on the weekend, which was alright, nice to go out for picnic and dinner and have a roast for lunch on Sunday with him and my better half. Unfortunately that meant very little gaming on the weekend, oh well. We played a bit of Wii Sports and that was good fun. I just finished Alan Wake last weekend, enjoyed it quite a lot. Found the ending kinda of dumb and ambiguous, but i get that was intentional. I'm so keen for Pokemon Omega Ruby in a few weeks and then Smash Bros on Wii U!! Not much for me to play til then other than backlog and Destiny.

    Dammit, I really should have replayed DA:O and 2 earlier this year. Filling in the tapestry for DA:I shows so many things I didn't see on my playthroughs... So many cards that got auto-set to "did not encounter X."

      That Keep is pretty great. Loved the interactive story thing where you could make decisions like a choose your own adventure! :D

        I'm looking at the "Paragon of her Kind" set. Apparently I went in and defeated Branka, and left without talking to anyone or touching anything. That can't be right... I think I must have picked one of my incomplete playthroughs. This may take a while... On the plus side, fresh slate! \o/

    I didn't go to PAX, I feel like I have nothing to talk about...

    I did get my new laptop on Friday though, an MSi CX61. It's a pretty nifty little machine so far, not exactly a high spec gaming machine but that's not what I bought it for, it can run xcom at a reasonable level of quality which puts it vastly ahead of my old piece of crap asus but then I was once kicked in the bollocks by a cow and I'd rank that as slightly less painful than trying to game on that asus.

    The only negatives of it so far is that it doesn't have an mSATA port which means I'll have to use an optical drive bay adapter to put a second SSD in it when I do my upgrades and the touchpad is kinda crappy. It's an Elantech smartpad and whilst it's fairly responsive and the drivers mercifully provide easy options to turn off the stupid windows 8 gestures and the abomination that is tap to click, there's no scroll area! You have to use a mad 2 finger scroll gesture thing which is really inefficient, when rapidly trying to scroll I'm used to doing a rapid alternating 2 finger action (stop sniggering) to get down the page as fast as possible but with this I have to use both fingers comparatively slowly. The worst part of it is there's registry options to expose settings for one finger scrolling and video examples in the install directory showing how to do one finger scrolling which implies it can do it but any time I change the registry settings, it's overwritten again the second I close the control panel applet and nothing ever changes. It's quite maddening.

      You could always set the permissions of said registry keys to read only once you've changed them, thus not allowing it to revert back once you close it.

        The only problem with that is that I'm not sure who is technically changing it, if it's the system entity, the administrator or my user account and if I lock it for all of them, I can't change it again.

        Also it's never actually worked but I don't know if that's because the settings are being overwritten immediately or if it simply doesn't have a scroll area on this model of touchpad and the settings are hidden for that very reason (but the drivers are universal and some of theirs do have it) but that seems like a mental thing to exclude

    So Child of Light, finally got the chance to play that on the Vita, I'm in love with the visuals and soundtrack, so good. The poem style of dialogue isn't the best though :P

      I've played it on the PS4 a fair bit, but reckon it'll be better as a portable game.

      I love the verse dialogue! It's a bit forced in places, but it's charming.

        Yeah some of it I cringe at but yeah all of it is charming. Only irk with the Vita version is when transitioning into battle the sound crackles. But you can use the touch screen to move Ignatius which is a huge boon for battles and those plants to replenish your life.

    So I was totally gonna have a post where I'd be all like "WELL IT WAS FUN GOING TO PAX WITH YOU GUYS" and then I'd a post a picture of the group shot shiggy had up top, but with me as a crudely-drawn stick figure pasted unto the upper right, maybe holding a canadian flag, maybe I'd just extend the entire photograph to the right so there'd be white space. Then I'd post "WE HAD GOOD TIMES, DIDN'T WE? DIDN'T WE?!" or something creepy like that, maybe type in some crying, I dunno. Then I realized that it would've required me to open up paint, and I'm just too damn lazy for that.

    So uh, there you go. Would'a been hilarious if I went through with it, I guess.

      I would've got a good chuckle if you added both yourself and bish at the background of that picture

      I'm totally down for PAX Prime too, if you were going.
      Then we could rub it in all these PAX Aus chumps' faces.

      Bonus points if the crudely-drawn stick-figure was South Park style papercraft with their take on Canadian heads. Pop culture references are ALWAYS good!

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