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    Morning all!

    Here is your weekly reminder (not to be confused with daily reminders) that I am running a Kickstarter campaign to fund Issues 1 and 2 of my comic Undad.

    The campaign has had some interesting developments in the last few days.

    Firstly, Bleeding Cool printed an article I put together regarding one potential way to read Undad. If what I write reflects my life at the time, it's certainly valid to see it as a book about depression.

    There's also a seven-day window in which you can get the $40 tier for just $32. It's a huge discount on an already discounted reward. That's 1500 pages of comics for just $32. Get on that, immediately. Folks who have already contributed to the $30 tier can get all these comics for just an additional $20. Get on that, too!

    Secondly, the Sidekick tool gives Undad a 95% chance of being successfully funded. I like those odds, but not as much as I'd like 100%. That final 5% still worries me.

    I'll be at OtakuFest here in Canberra this coming weekend, and will be offering incentives (such as free books) to people who contribute to Undad on the spot.

    What else? What else?

    Oh yeah.


    Enjoy your week!

      You keep forgetting to put the giveaway on there!

      Everyone, don't forget you can win something made by me just for you if you back Shane's Kickstarter. Even a $1 pledge helps, and it will get you an entry. And promoting helps immensely so if you tweet about the Kickstarter and tag me (I'm @strangist on Twitter), you get a bonus entry.
      Think of the possibilities! I can make you a cushion or a quilt or something with any theme you like, for instance your favourite game, anime, or movie, or even put @dkzeitgeist's face on it!

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    I saw Interstellar last night and all it proved to me was how handsome Matthew McConaughey is.


      I'm hoping to see that movie this week. I know very little about it, and am currently functioning almost entirely because of my semi-restrained low-frequency buzzing hype for it.

        I didn't know a lot and I think that helped. I really enjoyed it.

      Interstellar V Gravity..go

        Gravity's the better roller coaster, Interstellar is the better drama. Both amazing films.

        Gravity. Less melodrama, more interesting science and storyline make the tension feel better.

          Better? When does tension ever feel good? :P Don't answer that.

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        Gravity was great in the cinema, but boring as batshit at home, even with a 3m wide screen in 3D.
        I think it *required* the cinema experience to work, Interstellar I think will hold up better on repeated viewings.

      Oh good. Glad I'm not the only one with a crush on him.

    That Garfield cat was onto something with his hating of Mondays.

      And loving lasagne. God damn I love lasagne.

        It's Monday and I'm having lasagne for dinner, which I also had last night for dinner.

    Newsroom! Newsrooom! NEWSROOOOM! Season three! Today! Aaron Sorkin! That is all!

    This weekend I had Mos Burger, saw g20 light show thingy again and Interstellar. Was pretty great.

      I have still yet to try Mos Burger... One day for sure!

        It's nothing special, but probably a step up from Mickey Ds. The food tastes fresher!

      Me like Interstellar. It made me cry. The end.

        I had tears well in the eye and a lip quiver! :P

    I've been really getting into Star Fox 64 on my 2DS. I don't know, I was originally afraid about buying it since I thought I would only be able to play it through once or twice. But while waiting in line for Jack and Ray at PAX I put a lot of time into it and now I've been replaying it over and over trying to get medals on all missions.

    I wonder how people making videos on Youtube do it considering whenever I try to organise something with someone they're always busy. I guess most of them are just unemployed?

    Also there's some leaked Halo 5 gameplay videos and apparently it's now gone full Call of Duty.

      Sprint and sights on guns. That's.. something. Apparently there's no movement penalty to using sights as well. I'm not sure how to feel about this.

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        No movement penalty makes no sense. That was always the set back for ADS. You're more accurate but because you're slower you're more likely to get hit yourself.

        ...although, ever since CoD4 the ADS system has had heavy aim-assist that makes the choice of not using it redundant, but that's not the point.

      Woo, Star Fox!

      It was a really great remake. Though some of the slight dialogue changes bug me :P Also it makes it kind of evident that the circle pad isn't as good as a control stick, crosshairs constantly wavering where they'd normally be nice and steady. Oh and the download-only multiplayer is stupid, and having it region-locked is EVEN MORE stupid... but I swear, I still love it >.>

        Falco using the term "Eistein" doesn't make sense in the context of the world.

        and I had no problem with the circle pad. I mainly had problems with accidently doing maneuvers when trying to boost.

          Well you could argue that the original game's English dialogue wasn't their actual speech but rather a translation from their native Lylatian, so "Einstein" could be seen as an indicator of a similar colloquialism rather than a direct reference to the scientist :P

          There were a few other bits and pieces though. Like I'm pretty sure the alt boss for the first level didn't have his "DEPLOY ALL UNITS!" line for some reason, and just went straight to "CHAAAAAARGE!". And a few other bits and pieces like that. This is what happens when you start to change things up in the Most Quotable Game Of All Time™!

          Oh yeah, I forgot about that part. I had the reverse problem though - I'd want to do a somersault, but instead I'd end up just doing a boost and flying upwards.

            If you want to be accurate, he should have said Andross considering he has made technical leaps Einstein could never dream of.

            He poluted the entire planet of Zoness. Just because he felt like it.
            Hell, have a look at Solar, Scientists for decades said nothing could live on that planet. So he went out of his way to create wildlife that could live there. Just to give them the middle finger.

              When you put it like that, Andross is pretty badass.

                and you destroy all his work. Like with Bolse. One of the XYZ sectors is a hazardous area because a Bolse like satellite exploded there and contaminated the area. So when/if you do the Bolse mission and blow it up, you're actually contaminating a large portion of space right outside Venom.

                  But really isn't that just like pooping on the doorstep of a garbage dump?

      Re: Halo 5, it looks quite good though. I prefer relating the ADS (Aim down sights) to Battlefield. It looks faster paced which is right up my alley.

      If they've taken away the Ordnance drops, it ain't CoD. +1

        You can increase the movement speed and weapon damage to make the previous game more "fast paced" (though thats not what I consider fast pace).

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      Just seen clips. Still looks like Halo to me. Can't wait.

      I'll be getting the Master Chief Collection (revisiting Halo 3 FTW) which I think gives Halo 5 beta access later? If Halo 5 is even more CoDified than Halo 4 was then I'm out. I'll read how the story ends on a wiki or something.

        Yeah all owners of MCC will get the beta key for Guardians which is out in December (the beta, that is.)

        I'm still not that interested in the MCC. I still own all Halo games. But yes, it does come with the beta.

        All thats been seen is that sprint still remains, you can aim down the sights of your weapons, and the weapon they did that with had a CoDesque hologram sight.

        Yeah, the biggest criticism I had of Halo 4 was that it felt too much like CoD, and if I wanted that I could just go play CoD. The point was that Halo wasn't CoD.

        If they've gone further that direction I'm probably out. Which also probably means no Xbox One for me.

      Halo 4 was already too CoD like for me (heck, even Reach was too CoD like for me), so it's disappointing they're making 5 even more like that. I mean, I don't really have a problem with CoD or similar games (like Battlefield), but it's just not Halo. I play Halo for Halo.

      For a lot of the people on YouTube, it is their job.

    Disclaimer: Whinge.

    GTA V is still not up on the X1 store.

      Yikes, how big is the file going to be?

        I didn't check the psn pre-order to find out but I assume similar to that.

    Morning, TAY.

    My weekend was uneventful. After PAX I just wanted to sit, eat lollies and play Bayonetta 2. So that's exactly what I did. Finished it, really good game! I'm trying to go back through with the goal of getting at least a Gold rank on all of the chapters. It's proving... difficult.

    Also I taught myself how to make Cold Sesame Noodles on Saturday and I had leftovers for the next three meals. So delicious! And super easy to make.

    Finally I went on the final PAX Pokemon League podcast. Talking about experiences and things. Should be out soon if you're interested in listening!

    Hello taybies. I'm still sick, boourns. But I did go to the movies last night, so the weekend wasn't a total loss. I'm glad other folk have seen Interstellar so I can have a little whinge... Also, unpopular opinion time: I do not like Space Odyssey, so there's that.

    SO. Matt Damon as that effing coward Mann - that's fine, he played the part well. My big problem is that Matt Damon has been cast to play the lead in the film remake of the novel The Martian - the one I've been banging on about on here lately and loved. The lead of the Martian, Mark Watney, is a good guy and a hero, and now I've got this tainted view of Matt Damon in space because of Interstellar. Not good. Anyway. Interstellar was okay - I enjoyed it at the time, but now I keep thinking of plotholes and such. I liked the minecrafty robot buddies.

      Actually, having now seen the film, the thing I keep thinking about is how I feel about one scene after viewing it twice.

      The first time I saw the part where Murph is trying to keep Coop from leaving and she shows him the book with the words STAY; my thoughts were very much, desperation, that's cute.

      However when we return to that scene and discover that the words STAY weren't Murph's words at all, it really fell together as one of those twist moments for me. And I cried. The film has so many of those twisty moments, it's quite a trip.

        I agree there were some good moments like that, absolutely, and the girl playing the young Murph was an excellent actor. And man, I bawled when Cooper was watching all the vids from his son over those 23 years. I just feel like the film was a bit too ambitious and then didn't back itself up enough.


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      It takes a lot to make a stew

        A pinch of salt and laughter too

        Last edited 10/11/14 9:44 am

      That was a amazing Skit, was the most creative sketch i have seen in a long time.

      I wanted to try and TAY get with this but slept in :(

      Am I the only one who didn't like it? Like, the first five minutes was funny and then I just couldn't take it anymore, haha :(

        I've watched it seventeen times. Savoring it before it becomes uncool. :P

        I love it. XD

        See i thought it was amazing then the murdery stuff happened and i was like ohh thats not great, maybe it will come back around being funny. Then it did.

          I think I just tire of stuff like that quickly these days. I'm no fun anymore. I'm glad everyone else is enjoying it, but if I hear my boyfriend singing the theme song again, I might strangle him.

            I just have a weird love of excessively long sitcom openings. STEP BY STEP'S CREDITS ARE LONGER THAN GAME OF THRONES!


          Oh man, I love the murders.

          And how he's in the background as it leads up to them.

          And his name making the tape glitch.

          Good stuff.

        Agreed, the guys that wrote that sketch must be smoking some serious shit.

      I thought you might like it!

      But then I thought you might also not like it!


    Hey TAY peeps. How were your weekends? I didn't do a hell of a lot, Saturday I attempted to start building my carboard R2-D2, read the instructions and found that I needed a couple of things (craft glue, and a knife of exact 0), so I went out to the shops to grab them. Had to look for a birthday present for my Dad as well, so I looked around the shops a bit. Ended up buying a couple of Dr. Karl's books (House Of Karls, and A Game Of Knowns), and a cardboard Darth Vader kit, also went out for tea with my wife and son, which was nice, and watched the first episode of The Walking Dead S3.

    Sunday went to a car show a couple of hours drive away, also got pretty drunk (I wasn't driving), ended up having a reasonably early night.

    Did absolutely zero gaming the entire weekend, which is a rarity for me, usually I game every single day, I needed the break though it was starting to really feel like a grind. Getting back into it a little bit today, playing a little bit of Mario Kart 8 in anticipation of the release of the DLC on Thursday.

    Also, how about those Amiibo's. HYYYYYPPPPPEEEE!!!!!!!!

    1 week left.
    I dont know if i can survive.

      You can do it!
      Believe in yourself.
      Failing that, believe in me who believes in you. Don't make me wrong!

    Welp, my recall starts today for this week :(
    However, I finally installed Skyrim on my PC, so single player is no issue for me for a long time :)

      I decided to play through Skyrim again on my PS3 because I wanted to play through it vanilla again and my god the framerate drops are horrible. How did I put up with this for so long?

        My PC version auto'd my settings to "Medium" graphics, runs really smoothly so far. But that was for the first startup, NOW TO START MODDING! :D

          I tried modding it with my old 7750. It was not a happy experience. My mate donated me his 7970 though and now I'm (to quote Maccas) lovin it. Now I realise it's my cpu and harddrive bottlenecking my system :(

            Given that it set it to medium based on detection, I'm staying away from the HD stuff, I'm getting mods like UI fixer, immersive armour/weapons, better hair and weather effects.

              I think the Lite HD pack (whatever it's called) should work ok. At the least get the official HD DLC from the Steam page

                As in, in the steam workshop or...?


                  It's not as detailed as the HD mod packs, but if you're not going to run those it doesn't really effect performance too much from what I remember. Chances are you might already have it without realising

          Remember: Skyrim without mods is like pasta without sauce.

            SkyrimMost games on PC without mods is like pasta without sauce :)

      Played that all weekend. Dear god it suckered me in again

        Yeah it's bloody gorgeous just the atmosphere. I went High Elf, kinda doing a magic swordsman build, what about you?

          Imperial sneaky bastard with a bow

            Archery is really fun at the beginning, but believe me, it is a nightmare once you reach around about level 30. Stealth is no longer possible due to gigantic enemy health bars. It made my Orsimer archer very sad.

    Went to the city Saturday Night to meet up with Jack from Achievement Hunter and meet some people from the Australian Rooster Teeth community. Jack drew a much bigger crowd this year than when he last visited in April last year. Apparently @fatshady was there too but I guess I missed him in the 70 or so people crammed into the PJ Gallagher's bar area under the Criterion.

    Also it's a testament to how little I go out these days that I didn't know that bar had been completely refurbished. When I last went there it was just called "The Underground" and it was a total dive. I kind of miss it.

    Other than that I played Destiny and tried a little of the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

    Gotta say... kind of disappointed. Rebirth doesn't feel like it controls as smoothly, the new graphics seem kind of messy and overdesigned compared to the clean simplicity of the old. I like the new enemies but for some reason the creator decided to make the game more pixel-y and... yeah, it's going to take some getting used to.

    Also after having neglected this season of Doctor Who my wife and I watched from episodes 3-7 last night and I don't really know why people have been saying this is a weak season. Some of the episodes have been some of the most Doctor Who fun we've seen for some time and Capaldi is doing an excellent job.

    Granted, all the side drama between Clara and Danny is really annoying. I could do with less of that. Danny is actually kind of an asshole to the point I hope there's some paranoral cause for it that will get explained later on.

    On the upside, Clara has grown on me as a companion this season but that might just be because I never really liked Matt Smith so I couldn't stand how much Clara had to fawn over him because it was in the script.

    Anyway, we'll probably marathon the rest of it tonight so I'll be able to give my fully formed impressions then.

      Not sure how much was down to the writing and how much down to her, but this season left me with the impression that Jenna Coleman's a one dimensional actor that has ruined a lot of scenes by lack of timing or being able to protray emotions properly (other than the 'I'm shocked that the Doctor's lecturing me again, I know, I'll be a bossy know-it-all right back at him')

        I think it's the writing, she did a pretty good job of bringing some real emotion to her angry rant at the Doctor at the end of the Kill the Moon episode. I didn't really agree with her but then again that was supposed to be a "big decider" moment for humanity and two thirds of the people present wouldn't have been there but for the Doctor's interference so his refusal to participate just makes him a big fat hypocrite. I wonder if that's a weakness in the writing or part of the "point" this season is making. It's hard to tell sometimes.

          I didn't like that she gets all high and mighty with the Doctor, even when he's put her in her place. We had Donna or Amy who would reign in the Doctor when he was about to go too far, but Clara just seems to pick arguments just because. It reminds me of a petulant teenager arguing with her dad. Given the writing has declined massively in quality over the last couple of seasons I'll put it down to that (for now :P). It has striked me that Moffat now likes to save all the good stuff for his own eps and in particular the season finale. There are good episodes though. Interestingly the ones you just watched, 3-7, only Time Heist really grabbed me as a decent Who story. Listen had promise but I felt wasn't executed well enough. The Robin Hood one was too fantastical and not in a good way (especially for what's supposed to be a darker Doctor, but we have to pander to the younger viewers now as well). The Caretaker, if like me you can't find anything interesting to watch between Danny and Clara (there's no believable chemistry there) then the episode was a dud with a throwaway 'alien enemy' just there to show the Doctor what soldiers can do. Kill The Moon, I wasn't paying too much attention to that either tbh. It's a bit metaphorical for the whole season really, it's Clara's episode rather than the Doctor much like it's really Clara's season rather than the Doctor's. That's my gripe with the season, if you're not a Clara fan, you're not going to enjoy this season.

          That said, the next two episodes in line for you to watch are in my opinion the best two eps of the season. A new writer came in for those two eps and it shows that they're not stagnating like the writing has been. I won't say anything else about the other episodes though until you've watched them so you can go in with no preconceptions (apart from that I really like those two episodes :P)

      I really dislike Danny, and the season has soured me on Clara as well. The relationship between Danny and Clara is also pretty poor. The two just have no chemistry together.

        And we can't even hope for them to not actually work out since we've already been introduced to Orson Pink. It's almost like Clara is forcing herself to stay with Danny because she knows it's destined!

        But you know, other than the bits that suck the season so far has had some pretty fun episodes.

          Orson... that makes more sense. No matter how many times I heard it, I always heard Awesome Pink, and had to stifle a giggle... I actually rationalised it to a natural extension of, and subtle satire of, the multitude of stupid names people give their kids nowadays.

    Started watching Gotham, only the first ep so far. I likey.

      I should really start watching that. It seems like Batman without actually having Batman himself. It's perfect!

        The first ep is good watching. Gritty like Nolan's films and the darkness of Burton's. A really good mix (although I have only watched one episode :P)

      Soon you wont.
      I mean im watching it too but it reminds me of smallville without the catchy theme.
      Ryan from the OC is broody and awesome though.

        Now he's played Batman and Gordon!

        I find the show pretty cheesy, but it's fun enough. Benjamin McKenzie is bringing it, and fella playing Penguin is pretty good and messed up.

          My girlfriend thinks the penguin actor is cute. Shudder

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      Gotham's worth watching just for Penguin. He's great.

        I just realised that Clara's last name is Oswald, as is The Penguin's first name. It never clicked before but now I'm determined to photoshop The Penguin's nose onto Clara :D

    I spent a pretty staggering amount of time with the Dragon Age wikia and Dragon Age Keep side-by-side on the weekend.

    That import system and Tapestry is pretty damn great. I'm sure there's probably a thousand different flags for conversations that won't be recorded from my precious save, but there are so many decisions recorded that I don't really feel it will matter. And it's not like I'll be playing either of the first two games' protagonists either, so it's all second-hand anyway.

    I was able to import my 'one-of-a-kind' shaved-head/thick-stubbled/strong-cheekboned/jawed warden from Origins (hush, it's a difficult look to get right for Bioware apparently), even though it was on the x360, and my DA2 character from same. Now I can import the 'true' (1st playthrough) worlds of DA into PS4 and play on the couch, then buy it AGAIN on the PC later for ultra-absurd graphics and full-DLC with the same world imported for an 'ideal world' run. Because for some reason I always buy Bioware games multiple times.

    (I differentiate between the True way things happen as the first one, based on acting on the imagined character's instincts, the 'ideal world' run is a later one with character decisions influenced by out-of-character fore-sight.)

    Either way, I had a total blast revisiting the games with the wiki in hand to revisit all my decisions and get the full story and context around those decisions. I twas like speed-playing the games all over again. ...Then I installed DA2 because god dammit, I LOVED the DA2 art direction and the voicing and character model of default facepainted femHawke, and the 'story over multiple years' staging of the narrative. Outside of the utterly fucking ridiculous monster-cupboard waves of enemy spawns to make combat more pulpy, and the literally unforgivable copypasta dungeon design, it was head-and-shoulders the entry with the better story, better art direction, and better morality decisions (unintended consequences, unclear virtue, moral ambiguity ftw!).

    I loved seeing the interplay of characters (REAL characters, not just a blank, voiceless text box to be as inconsistent as I want in) so much that I just had to go roll up a 'good enough' DA:O save and import it to start DA2 again.

    So hype for that. But this week... Warlords of Draenor! I've basically got two shots at the heirloom, I figure, but that's not especially high on my bucket list. I'm looking forward to the joy of questing again, exploring new story, then hitting max level and squeezing the last possible drops of rep/daily-based solo/small group advancement before hitting the inevitable raid-or-die growth-blocking wall, and quitting.

    Gonna try not to rush it. There's plenty else to binge on during the slow burn of a new WoW expansion. Dragon Age, AC: Unity, Far Cry 4, Dying Light, Bloodborne, Witcher 3, GTA5 remastered... There's a lot going on the next few months.

      I downloaded 20GBs of Dragon Age today (Origins and 2, through Steam and Origin) just to check my saves were in proper order for Keep, and Keep still isn't recognizing my Warden.

        From what I can see, the only thing it appears to be affecting is your appearance. The DA Keep has a big notice slathered over the top of the screen letting you know that DA:I does NOT import savegames from previous games. Your character gets logged with the Bioware/EA servers if you chose to go online and allow uploads when you played DA1-2, but I think the information it stored was mostly down to appearance, class, DLC and achievements.

        You get to pick all the decisions after that, as part of the 'Tapestry'.

        I'm pretty sure there's a character-creator module either online or downloadable stand-alone to upload your preferred Grey Warden to their servers. ...Which probably would've been good to know 20GB ago.

      Yeah Da:2 had miles better characters and story, thought DA:O to be really clechied and trope heavy.
      But I hope someone got fired for that DA:2 gameplay tho.
      Have a week off when DA:I comes out, getting hype.

      Puppet and co have created a guild for WoW and somehow roped a few peeps into resubbing.
      So come join us if you like for co-op shenanigans.

    Just want this new week over already.


      Same buddy, but try and look for the things that make each day worth getting up for. Sing a 80's song in the shower, pet a dog, go for a walk and smile at a pretty girl. Life is sad and horrible and depressing but its also pretty great, you just gotta go looking for the good stuff :)

        Thanks :)
        Last 2 weeks have been living hell as 2 weeks ago we were told that our unborn baby has a 1 in 10 chance of having edwards syndrome.

        Have been trying to stay positive for my 18month old daugter and to spend lots of time with her.

        When the little one goes to bed is the hard part as thats when you are left with your thoughts.

        Have tried to keep distracted with books dvds and games but all seem Meh.

        Countdown is now on for next Monday when they will take a sample of the babies DNA and then about 4 days after to get the results back.

          Dude, That sucks, a lot. Nothing i can say other than hugs
          Lots of hugs.

            Really appreciated.
            Suprised that actually typing it out and getting it off my chest actually helped a bit.


          That sucks, man.
          Hope everything turns out okay.

            Thanks Bud.

            Was only just thinking how funny it is how the mind works.

            I say this as they have said that their is a 1 in 10 chance of the baby having a chromosomal issue that then means there is a 9 in 10 chance all is ok.

            If someone offered me a bet with the chance of winning 9 times out of 10 you would think what great odds.

            Yet flip them around to 1 in 10 chance of being the worst thing in your life and it seems worse despite it being the exact same odds.

      Sometimes the weekend goes by so fast you feel like you never really get a break. I'm really looking forward to Christmas when it's quiet and there's no one else in the office. My colleague who'll be sharing "skeleton" duties with me will happily co-conspire for us to take turns coming in late/leaving early.

    Hey everyone, Kingpin refunded some money back to me because we didn't get our drink cards. It was refunded to my credit card though because that's how I ended up paying for it, so I'm not quite sure how it will work out.

    Also, did anyone have any complaints about the venue? I need to know in case we use it again.

      The crawl space in the ceiling wasn't nearly large enough to spy on you guys!

        We need to sing together more.

          I was actually considering something like that :P Haven't been to the theme parks in a long time. I should see if any of the Sydney people want to go.

          Last edited 10/11/14 10:18 am

            Just don't plan it for between the 16th and 27th of January or I won't be there! Or, if you want to avoid me, I guess plan it for then. :P

              It's my birthday on the 15th. A fairly big and scary one too. D: D: D:

              Though if I do any thing it'll probably be the weekend before.

              Last edited 10/11/14 11:09 am

                Any birthday you have, I've been there before you and survived. So there's no birthday that's scary. :D

              Where is the best place to look into staying if I wanted to be close to any Meats? Might look into some prices and things before I start recruiting people to come with me :P

                Most times we meet at either South Bank or West End. But anywhere in the City is pretty close to stuffs and just a short busride away from other potential Meat locations.

          Have you seen this:

      They didn't clean the carpets like we asked initially, sorry about the sticky floor near the bar everyone :(

        Honestly didn't even notice, however the way they handled it all was a bit nuisensesy especially when the tv was playing up and didn't offer to help and were pretty vague on what drinks they had

          Yes! I went down and asked the security guard outside, he said "I'll call them up to request for one but you'd have a better chance getting someone quickly if you go to the counter", so I did, the supergirl I asked picked up the phone and asked for them to come over to help us, she told me someone was on the way, but I don't think they ever showed up.

          Luckily, because we've been there before, it shouldn't be an issue with we go back again. What does concern me is that Rooster teeth booked Kingpin last year too, so it seems the event happens there every year.

        Don't bars and sticky floors kind of go hand in hand? Can you ever really have one without the other in a public space? Not in my experience! ;)


      Just keep the refunded money. Call it an 'organisers fee' :P

      Not really any complaints other than being ushered out quickly when we were done, but that's understandable because of the bookings they had.

        Yeah.. keep in mind as well the fact that we got moved up there for free they probably ended up hosting that for less profit than they would've had to run the staff and equipment for that upstairs room if we booked it normally. We paid for the budget room, we got upgraded to first class for compensation over the Roosterteeth booking kicking us out.

      The venue itself was fine. The fact they kind of lost the food and stuff was a bit annoying but I think the only major issue we had is that we possibly wanted to be there a bit longer.

        So is everyone happy to have it there next year?

          I'm certainly happy to go there again. We should find out if Rooster Teeth intend to hire out Kingpin again beforehand though. I wonder if maybe the alternative would be to just go straight up to that room if that's possible and do a round of laser tag instead of bowling if we want to do some physical activity.

            It's most likely possible, however, we would have to pay extra ro use the M9 bar again and I'm not sure if people would be happy with the price of hire

      I don't think the venue was worth the money paid for it, considering that wedding hire is often $50-70/pp and for that you tend to get a three course meal and sometimes alcohol, with longer venue hire.
      I understand that Crown has a premium but so does the word "wedding".

      This particular venue also handled multiple things poorly, not just the drinks, but also provided no assistance when we were struggling with their equipment, did not bring the food to the right place, harassed a few people about their lack of wristbands (indicating that their staff were completely unaware that there were multiple events going on). Because of that, I would be pretty unwilling to give them that much money again, but obviously I didn't organise it.

      This is meant purely as a criticism of the venue that we were at. Also I disliked their lighting for personal photographic reasons, but that's an artistic choice.

      Apart from the fact that only half the group got to bowl, we didn't get our drinks, and the staff seemed permanently confused as to why we were there?

      I won't go back there.

      Last edited 11/11/14 2:55 pm

        Yeah, unfortunately they thought we were part of rooster teeth which is why I'm not really considering kingpin again.

    So the weekend is over. That's bad.
    But it's a short week because of G20. That's good.
    Public transport is on the fritz though. That's bad.

    I don't know where I was going with this but happy Monday everyone.

      Oh man, Brisbane sure has a lot of cops walking about with guns. It's strange and off-putting.


      Last edited 10/11/14 10:09 am

        GOOD! I helped out at the Vault Games launch on Sunday and I ran a brief D&D 5th edition and a The Strange game. I was told that I do a creepy persona really well (not sure if compliment or not) and half of the D&D players ended up dying when they fought over the loot. So yeah, twas a good day.

        Except for one guy who derided the quality of my Pathfinder book because it was beginning to fall apart. Screw you old man. Just because you have preserved your AD&D books from the 80s in near pristine condition does not give you the right the judge me for the state of my books.

          I also thought when we met you did the creepy persona well!


          JOKES! :P

          Sounds like a good weekend, pal!

            That would smart but I drank in the delicious uneasiness and fear of my players so it's all good. :P

            Hope you had a good weekend too DC.

      The frogurt is also cursed. That's bad.
      But you get your choice of toppings. That's good.
      The toppings contain potassium benzoate. [...] That’s bad.

      I heard there's road closures in the CBD for the whole week. Is there any info on what's closed? I have a feeling my interview will be in the CBD, and I wanna make sure I can get where I need to be!

        I took a bus into work today that went straight down Anne Street from the northside without any issues. All I've heard is that there will be sporadic timetable changes and maybe a few road closures from Wednesday onwards but nothing too concrete.

        Train seems to be the best way to get into the city this week.

          There'll be no buses into the city later on in the week I think. There's going to be a transport hub thingo at Upper Edward St in Spring Hill I think it was so a ten minute walk to Central.

 for full info on the CBD @welbot

            cheers dood!

              Looks like the streets I need to go down and park in are not closed! w00t!

    Eyyyyy. Hope you all had a good weekend. I played a bit of Destiny, got a new exotic helm for my Hunter and 'Truth' off Xur. Enjoyment factor is quick fading though, conveniently enough with Halo due to be delivered soon (and subsequently GTA.)

    Four more sleeps until me and the missus are off to Port Douglas for 3 nights. Very excited and extremely ready for it. Aside from getting a trip to the reef squeezed in, I think we'll be happy to just beach, pool and bar it for the rest of our time there.

    Have a good week, team.

      One more day mate, one more day! That Halo Hype is going to keep you going for a while, every campaign AND multiplayer... ridiculous! I fear though that I may never get to play it however, at a 800kb/s download speed and the fact it would take my Xbone 54 hours (estimated) to download the day one patch I don't think I can quite justify buying it at the moment.

      I intend to live vicariously through you until I can get an internet connection that will satisfy my
      gaming addiction entertainment needs.

        Such a shame, but undertsandable for sure. I'm not looking forward to seeeing how long that takes for me either. If it's a good day, it may be about 10 hours, but we shall see. At least we can look forward to some GTA destruction perhaps?

        I got the first chest in the raid last night, 2 shards \o/. May try hop back on tomorrow night before 9pm reset if you keen (gf b'day today, so I think that means no gaming?)

        Hey man, what is a good internet company in Melbourne, mrs moved over yesterday but wouldn't have a clue who to sign up with, she wanted me to sort it when I get there end of December but dunno if she can wait that long.

          @jackunit13 would a good man to ask!

          I currently use Telstra and if you want anything approaching the speeds what you have had in NZ it may cost a pretty penny. I have used Telstra and find them great for customer service and rarely get drop outs, it only occurs to me when I have more than 1 person using the net in the house (I have a 800kbps connection :( )

          I've used Spintel since I landed in Australia 3.5 years ago. I think they've got quite a decent cost structure going on.

          I'm now on 200GB a month download limit and home phone with calls to NZ landlines capped at something like $1 for up to half an hour. It costs $81 a month. Speeds are good, not great. Heavily dependant on where you live though. I think all the ISP's here go off the back of either Optus/Telstra (Spintel is Optus.) So if you are close to their exchange you will get a better service.

          I've also heard good things about TPG.

            Is there any that provide internet with no phone? though $1 per 30min sounds awesome, They call it Naked here. Living in Prahran, dunno if that helps, I did this little test thing. Previous tennant was on Internode? I will look into Spintel.

            Line of Sight: 579m
            Nearest 3G Towers
            Telstra:0.2KM | 0.5KM | 0.5KM | 0.5KM | 0.6KM
            Optus:0.2KM | 0.5KM | 0.7KM | 0.8KM | 0.8KM
            Three:0.2KM | 0.7KM | 0.8KM | 1KM | 1.1KM
            Vodafone:0.2KM | 0.2KM | 0.5KM | 0.5KM | 0.7KM

            What defines a 'good' speed over there haha, I'm at my parents at the moment getting 6-14mpbs and hating it.

              Yeah there are naked plans over here as well.

              I'm afraid you're starting to lose me with all this technical speak. What I can tell you is that when downloading a torrent, I've gotten up to around 800kb/s at home, usually more like 600 and I know a lot people who would consider mine above average.

              I downloaded the 15gb Halo patch in about 5 hours last night I think.

                Ok that sounds alright I guess, I get up to about 3mb on torrents I think Titanfall 20gb took me around 5-10minutes. "its a better lifestyle over there" she says ;)

                  Jeez man that is insane! I had my own internet over there only for about 6 months it was a naked Vodafone plan, but was nowhere near that fast.

                  @jackunit13 Yea they have stepped up the cable plans here now, I'm on 130mbs unlimited for $115 no phone, I got a mate who just got fibre who is on 200mbs down and 200mbs up for $115 no phone.

    Weekend! Parents were away from Friday til... I dunno, some time nowish I guess. So with the house to myself, the plan was to plant myself in front of the TV with my PC, crank up the stereo and not surface from Elite for the entire weekend if I could help it.

    The plan was... mostly successful. By the end of it I managed to build up my Sidewinder to be just about as good as it can be, scoring a bunch of A-grade parts and currently only needing to upgrade my B-rated shield generator. Some other stuff is rated lower, but I'm not sure anything better is available for the class 2 mounts on the ship. Totally managed to take down some huge ships with it too, relying on its small size and heightened manoeuvrability to get in close and stay just out of their sights. Well, mostly. Towards the end there I screwed up a fair bit and now have some debt to pay. But I'm wondering if I'll just leave it and not play for a while now, after all that binge. The beta is no longer for sale on the 22nd and I think that's when they bring the gamma in before release (16 December, announced just the other day!). There's gonna be a full wipe when that happens, so I'll probably just leave it til then to try and make any more progression. Plus it gives me a reason to play other games :P

    Went out for a bit on Saturday. There were still some final screenings of TMNT at Liverpool, so I went down there to watch it. A guy in line when I got there had a bunch of $10 tickets, expiring that day and more than he could use with him and his kids so he offered me one. And straight after that I saw John Wick with Wingman, who also got us $10 tickets somehow or other. Score! Both movies were really good. John Wick was just... wow. I mean I went into it not knowing anything other than a bunch of you guys said it was awesome. And it was. But it was so weird though, in a kind of this-shouldn't-work-but-it-totally-does way. It kind of reminded me of a more serious Shoot 'Em Up, actually. But yeah, it was cool. What was really cool though was TMNT! I don't know why people hated it, I loved it! Really, pretty much the only thing that bothered me at all was the whole "we learnt to be ninjas because we found a book" part. That and the Shredder was kinda chunky. Otherwise though, no problems with it at all, very enjoyable.

    To top off the weekend, I fired up the old computer to check on some e-mails and decided to try and see what happened if I signed in to MSN, since they had that whole "proper shutdown" thing on the 31st. And... it worked! MSN lives on! It's a Halloween Miracle!

      John Wick! So many headshots!

      He must have killed like what? 200 guys! They all deserved it though; especially that Theon Greyjoy fellow.

      Last edited 10/11/14 10:41 am

    Hey, TAY.
    Last day of my Cert 3 in Technical Production today. \o/

    Morning errbody hows every little thing?

    My weekend was topsy-turvy..On Friday Cathryn's brother was meant to come down and stay with us for the weekend however their dad refused to drive him down and then when I said I could get him on the way through as I was doing work at my parents he apparently had a friend over staying the night. So because of that we took Moni to the beach and she went for a swim which was adorable.

    Saturday it was hot so Cathryn and I went to the beach during the day and then Cathryns friend came over and stayed for dinner, they got maicures, I got a thickshake its all good.

    Sunday we went to my mums 53rd Birthday party, it was a small family affair with a BBQ and cake and we played cards against humanity and mum won.

    Monday morning question after playing cards against humanity if you could make your own card game what would it be about?

    Last edited 10/11/14 10:28 am

      It seems like the answer I give for everything, but I really would love to see a card or board game made about The Lesser Evil's universe.

        Not going to lie, a card game based around manipulation of the Senate would be pretty great.

          I really wish I knew something about making games, because I suddenly want to see this exist.

            I imagine it would be like a game of Diplomacy or something like that. I don't know too many games that really fit that ideal of political manipulation.

            If you really want to research it, I think Penny Arcade's Gabe put up some documentation of what he was doing with building a game from scratch, for Thornwatch. Admittedly he has immediate and local access to a bunch of industry giants.

              Before anything else, I think I need to play more games, figure out mechanics, what's been done, what hasn't, what works and what doesn't, what upsets balance, what's an effective counter system, etc. Once I've got some ideas to bounce around, I can start involving other people! But thanks, I've filed away that info for later research

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