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    Guten Morgen Taybies, how were your weekends? Mine was mostly filled with work. Re-post from old TAY.

    So, we've got other things we should probably be spending our money on but, the evil monkey family is coming up to Brisbane for a few days.

    My Grandma's getting pretty old, it's been about 7 years since we saw her last, and my son has never met her, so I thought we should go up and see her before it's too late. Don't know if anyone is keen for a meat, or how keen my wife would be on the idea... thoughts.

    Think we're gonna do the theme park thing one of the days, and maybe go into the city one of the other days.

    We are coming, you have been warned.

    @beardymcmuttonchops @beeawwb @cufcfan616 @dc @dkzeitgeist @freezespreston @gutsoup @jimu @lambomann007 @popdart5 @sernobulus @strange @sughly @transientmind @welbot @weresmurf @virus__

    Also @benny XD

    We'll be there on the 10th of December and leaving on the 14th.

    Also, Melbourne TAYbies, we'll be in Melbourne the night of the 14th of December, before heading back the next night.

    @beavwa @chuloopa @coldcamv @crazyguy1990 @f4ction @greenius @negativezero @pixel_the_ferret_viking @scree @tech_knight @tigerion @tofu @zetrox2k

    If anyone's interested in a meat let me know.

      I might be up for it...
      Put me down as a tentative "Yes".
      If anything changes, I'll let you know. :)

      Sure. I'm sure I could make it

        I don't really know what's around Melbourne, so if any of you guys can suggest a good place to eat for the dinner meat that'd be great. Keep in mind we've got a 6 year old, and he doesn't like spicy food.

        Also, not sure how my wife is going to react when I tell her that we're meeting a bunch of my internet friends.

          Alright alright, I'll keep the axe at home... geez humans can be sensitive at times

      Possibly, most likely not. Monthly pay on the 15th :-( you never know though

      Yeah man, I'm keen, just not sure what I'm doing that far ahead.

      Keep me updated and I'll let you know cloooooserrrrrrrrr!!!

      I can Try and make it so put me down as a maybe

      Yes, food &/or drinks in the CBD, please.

      Sheesh, how many times do I need to let you know I'm interested in meeting you before you finally start to believe me?! :P

        Well, I'm really not that interesting, so, you know, maybe one more time :P

        Also, was too much effort to edit people out that have already expressed interest.

      Depending on what gets organised I might be available, just mid-week stuff tends to have that silly "work" get in the way.


      *slaps face* wake up dammit, this no time to sleep

        Any time is time to sleep!

        Especially after waking at 5:30 for no reason :/

          Have some kids, then 5:30 always has a reason.

          Usually the reason is you got to sleep-in!

    Oh, hai! I didn't see you there.

    A reminder that TODAY is the last day you can get the $32 reward tier in the Undad Kickstarter. It will be decommissioned tonight.

    The $32 tier will get you copies of Just a reminder that The Lesser Evil, Peaceful Tomorrows 1 & 2, The Game, James Flamestar, Academaesthetics, Undad Issue 1, Undad Issue 2, and the exclusive artbook.

    That's a huge amount of content for the price. Just $32 for today only. Don't miss out.

    We're charging at a sedate pace towards our first stretch goal. Hitting that will mean the series will have an ending.

    I've still got some cool stuff in reserve, including some amazing new reward tiers that will activate later this month, so stay tuned if you're looking for an excuse to drop some moneeeeeeeeeyz.



    I appear to be back online. Huzzah!

    So how are you, then?

    Last edited 17/11/14 11:50 am

      I thought that the 1st stretch goal only unlocked issue 3 of 5?

        Yep, but:

        If Undad raises:
        • $6,000-$8,000

        Issue 3 will be made, art by Joseph Canave
        Issue 4 will not be made, and the story will only appear in Brett's diary ($150 tier)
        Issue 5 will be made, art by me

        • $8,000-$10,000
        Issue 3 will be made, art by Joseph Canave
        Issue 4 will be made, artist TBC
        Issue 5 will be made, art by me

        • $10,000+
        Issue 3 will be made, art by Joseph Canave
        Issue 4 will be made, artist TBC
        Issue 5 will be made, artist TBC

      @freezespreston @transientmind @highperformance @bdkiaf
      Reminder: I need those reference photos of you pretty soon, please! Issue 2 can't enter production without those images! Thanks.

      Please send a headshot and a full-body shot (at least) to shane[at]shanewsmith[dotcom] or point me towards some cloud-stored pics.

      Last edited 18/11/14 8:24 am

    Omfg I'm having Draenor withdrawal symptoms... this shit hasn't happened to me since I first got into WoW....

      I got in straight away this morning it was a miracle /o\

    So got Dragon Age: Inquisition from EA Access in the weekend, I have never played the previous 2 and I'm not sure if I'll get this one after playing it, I just didn't enjoy the combat, there is only 1 attack button then your specials (maybe I need to unlock more) a heavy/light attack or even a block would have been nice. I went duel wield daggers because it said I could use a bow as well, but I didn't realize you can't just change in the heat of battle so if enemies targeted me all I could do was shoot arrows at them point blank while retreating (this might be where changing party character comes in). Tried multiplayer, obviously designed for 4 people, me and a mate played for about an hour and really struggled to get anywhere was disappointing you couldn't bring in your singleplayer character. Graphics were nice and some pretty deep character customization. Made my choice of Farcry 4 allot easier this week.

      Never liked the combat in Dragon Age, always felt like I was watching my characters instead of actually controlling them.

      Filthy Heathen you're not allowed to have dissenting opinions on...

      Oh wait, this is Kotaku where it seems there is no hivemind that you have to suck up to.
      Let me know how FC4 goes, I'm interested in that as well!

      (Edit: What I'm actually trying to say is thank you for writing that out, I'm interested in word of mouth on both these games to see which one I'm getting!)

      Last edited 17/11/14 9:07 am

        I thought the hivemind will allow opinions as long as you like Dark Souls :-P I still haven't finished the first one or even booted up the second one

        Dragon Age, I just downloaded Origins again to try and get in the mood again

        Last edited 17/11/14 9:18 am

          I tried to play dark souls for the first time in ages. God I have forgotten how to play. Also I think because I was at a road block I've switch my inventory about so it doesn't even feel like my character either

        I'm not a huge RPG player anyway, never finished Mass Effect, never played Dark Souls, Skyrim was the first RPG I actually really enjoyed, The Witcher 2 and Dragons Dogma were a few of my other favourites, so my opinion may not hold much weight.

          Ah, that actually explains a lot.

      Don't listen to him, True Believers! This is the kind of heathen who actually has EA Access! Which is not only EA *makes sign of the cross* but also only available on the inferior platform which shall not be named!

      DRAGON AGE IS GOING TO BE AMAZING DAMMIT. *plugs fingers in ears* lalalalalalala

        It is, for those of us who enjoy slower moving RPGs

      It's sounds like your reviewing an action game...

        Did it I get my opinion wrong again? sheeeeiit!

          Just a slow combatted rpg made for those of us who can't be bothered.

          I get all my jollies from convo in Bioware games

            Yea all good, its just not for me obviously, I'm sure fans will love it.

              Sounds like most of my favourite games ^_^

                So I put in a few more hours last night, trial is almost up, perhaps I passed judgment a little early. I changed back to duel wield from archer and unlocked a few moves, enjoyed it allot more, the graphics/world is pretty amazing I can see myself getting it at a later date.

                  Ah cool, how are you liking conversation?

                I'm a little lost on the lore etc, but seems ok, I really hate my characters face and voice though, I want to start a new character when I get the full game.

    So, TAYKart tonight? Who's in?

      If I remember and my net lets me connect, I'm in!

      Who has the new DLC? We need to do a DLC TAYKart sometime!

        Downloading the DLC now...

          It took me ages to DL.. How's it going for you?

        DLC represent! TAYKart will be very disappointing if we don't do HyruleRoadLand at least once.

      Obligatory Sonic All stars Racing Transformed is better! comment.

      Will be there under my 'Scram' pseudonym. I'll be the guy voting for Mt. Wario rain, hail or shine. (I do love the new tracks though)

      Depends on how much cosplay work I do.

    Time spent trying to play AC:U this weekend: About 3 hours
    Time spent in AC:U - about 2 hours

    I am not a smart man.

      Haha why couldn't you play? Ubi issues?

        Constant, random crashes. Frame rate is actually okay (GTX 760) but the crashes every 10 minutes suck

    Argh, Lego keep releasing pictures of the Minecraft sets.
    I will not I will not I will not...
    Wait, the wife loves Lego.

    ...and the shop has crashed. :(

      How I wish I kept all my random lego blocks (about 2.5 large storage boxes), as well as all my other childhood toys come to think of it

        My mum kept my Duplo, which (when he is slightly older) I'll hand onto my son.

        Lego just seems to survive anything. A post-nuclear war world will be filled with cockroaches and Lego.

        Also, it now sucks how you can't just pick up a massive box full of random pieces for cheap. It's all sets now.

          Look for LEGO Creative Cube/Bucket and LEGO Basic Bricks. They're just a big pile of LEGO. It's a bit hard to find considering how many categories there are, but there's one called "Bricks & More" that should suit your needs.

          The thing I always liked about Duplo is that when you grow out of it you can still use it with your regular LEGO when you want to make something big. It's like having a cube of four 2x4s.

    Hey look, Brisbane didn't burn down. Most likely a combination of stupidly high temperatures, scare-mongering all the residents away and then begging us to return after they realised there'd be no-one in front of the cameras, protestors not being able to afford to come over here because it's too expensive and too far to travel and finally because Brisbane peoplr are mostly talk and no trousers and too lazy to actually organise demonstrations.

    Now onto the serious stuff; GTA V or Dragon Age?

    Also, a good morning to all

      Pretty sure you've mentioned before that you've already played GTA V on last gen, so in that case I'd go for Dragon Age,

      Also, why no Far Cry 4 love?

        I've never been a fan of the Far Cry series. I played the first one when it first came out (somehow not melting my PC in the process) but when it got all monstery I lost interest (much like I did with Crysis when it got all Alieny). Far Cry 2 I just couldn't get into it, boring setting and Far Cry 3 pretty much the same tbh. The only Far Cry I really loved was Blood Dragon.

        I did have GTA V on PS3, but I really wanna play it first person :D

      It was surprisingly subdued even around Hendra where I was staying, not even a sliver of traffic! I'll be purchasing Dragon Age I think, the hype has got a hold of me.

      Dragon Age & Pokemon

      Dragon Age.
      So hype.

      And yeah, I was pretty confident that the locals wouldn't kick up much of a fuss on account of it being pretty well publicized that the government has written out any rights people THINK they might have for the duration of the event at least, and the fact that it's way too hot, no-one cares enough, and Australia is REALLY hard to get to. You'd need to not be poor, to fly to Australia. And something protestors are generally defined by is lack of wealth. That's why they're protesting.

    Oh yay the neighbours are fighting.. Wish they'd just fuck off or kill each other or something, gettin' real sick of their shit.

    Last edited 17/11/14 9:13 am

      Reminds me of dinner every week at the in-laws. Ah, good times. :P

        But i'll presume those inlaws weren't centrelink bludging, drug abusing criminals :P

          Well you know what happens when you presume.
          ummm you make a pre out of sumething

          Of course not, you're right. But still, I'm with you - it isn't very nice being around that crap. Not a feel good environment and definitely not a good place for the little ones to be at.

            I'm just messin' with ya haha. I just find them annoying to be quite honest, though the other week the cops rolled up, I still wanna know what that's about since one of sons next door doesn't have license plates on his car, and hasn't for about a week or 10 days now lol.

      Kickin it off early this week are they? High temperatures atm really do wonders for keeping people calm as well...oh wait, no they don't. Sucks that people have to fight but also that you have to put up with their domestics as well :(

      Last edited 17/11/14 9:53 am

    'Tis the week of Dragon Age: Inquisition! I'm probably more excited than I should be. Finished DA2 yesterday so I'm all geared up and ready to go!

    Also... Can I go back to bed now? No? Doh :(

      Take your bed with you. Get one of those sleeping bag suits that Serrels tried out the other month

      How's you go with DA2. I found after the combat was patched& I avoided unnecessary quests it was actually a really ssolid game & finished it twice

        I love it. I've actually played it multiple times but this is the first time I've seen it right through til the end. Did every possible quest I could except the Mark of the Assassin and Legacy DLC quests.

          Yeah, I didn't buy those dlc because I didn't Luke the game on the first try & it seems to late to care now.

          I really came to appreciate the improvements to the story & relationship s even if the reuse of dungeons made exploration less fun.

          Great game in the end.

            Yeah I agree. Having an actual character instead of a mute with a blank expression was much better.

              Ah, see, I preferred the silent protagonist. I have trouble believing that's me when they sound nothing like me.
              it was well done though.

              I referring to the friendship gameplay being either love or rival. I think that's better than love or hate. The rival love interest I had in my second game had this horrible feel to it, made my sstomach sink. Was really well done.

    Well that's just great. I thought of something to talk about the other day but had to wait until this article was created to post it but now I can't remember it.

      So how about that *insert football team name here*?

        I did find this though.

      TAY still happens on weekends. Just a lot more slowly. It usually gets reposted every day.

    Do the ads on this site cause a lot of lag for anyone else on a retina screen? I really don't want to use adblock since I like this site but the lag on the front page today was crazy.

      They'd cause a lot of lag for me on a regular screen.

      It's causing my entire browser to lock up on my underspec'd work laptop

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent-ish webcam? I'd love something that does [email protected] Doesn't require a mic as I already have a Snowball. Cheers!

      A snowball doesn't sound very effective since they're just frozen water :P

        If you do use a snowball, at least don't attach it to the top of the monitor. Condensation and melting and all that

          And some of the world leaders deny that global warming exists!

      Hi 5 for Snowballs! (I have one also) I've actually really liked some of the Microsoft HD ones. I have 2 different ones (home and work) and both do a good job.. but I've not really looked around much.

      Last edited 17/11/14 12:24 pm

    Morning lovelies. I am still sick and good god was the weekend ever a trial - just the heat, I mean. I was sweltering and coughing and sneezing and aching. It was no fun. I am actually very glad to be at work in the powerful air-con and chilled water on tap. But still, go away sickness :(

    In better news, Far Cry 4 this week! Awww yisssssss.

      I hear that Far Cry 4 is almost as good as Costume Quest 2
      Hope you feel better soon

        Hahah, oh my heart. Thank you <4 (THAT MEANS FAR CRY 4)

      I can feel myself starting to get sick again. My throat's starting to get scratchy and all bleh :( also, this weekend was the perfect time to decide on spring cleaning and moving of furniture up and down stairs, especially when we have a tin roof with no insulation

        Get some Codral, tout de suite! Also, your weekend sounds laborious and awful!

          It's just the English in me liking to whinge. I'm a sucker for living up to stereotypes :D I am loving how much space we've found just by playing furniture tetris. The tin roof was most unwelcome though

        I've had a bit of that as well. Slightly swollen glands around the throat, sore throat, slightly runny nose, a bit of sinus pain… but nothing particularly major, and it's only starting to rise every couple days. I reckon I'm probably flirting with sickness but somehow fighting it off. Even though I'm eating crap and not sleeping properly. If I actually bothered to take care of myself, I figure I probably wouldn't notice the symptoms at all.

    Oh gawd. It's that time of the year again. So many good releases... so little time. :O

      Hey, good to see you commenting again! You disappeared for a while

        Yeah, but now @dc has disappeared, coincidence....

        Hope you're ok man.

          We... I mean, I... I can't either confirm or deny that we are the same person.

    Whoo, survived the blistering heat over the weekend. So much hype this week,
    Far Cry 4 looks so f#$%ing good, everything from Far Cry 3 plus new weapons, animals, vehicles and environmental stuff like AVALANCHES!! I'm gonna bury so many people then wing suit into a tree.
    Dragon Age: Inquisition. AAAAAAAHH!! gimme nowwwww!
    GTAV, really wanna play it again but might wait for it to go cheaper. I sorta borked my single player game and never did a lot of the side quests.
    Now I just need to come up with an excuseto stay at home and play games.
    Hope you all had a great weekend.

      No mention of Dragon Age or Pokemon, huh?

      I think our 15 (20?) year friendship is over.

        Oh wait, one sentence on DA, ummmmmmm, a week of scowls for you!

          DA sells itself, my words would only tarnish it, that's why I opted for simple excitement. As for Pokeymans, sorry wrong week I already had to get a bank loan for my DA:I special edition.

            A bank loan???!!! Why not just go normal? I was going normal until I got a healthy tax return

              I'm being a dickman man, sheesh. But seriously I think it's the most expensive collectors edition I've ever gotten, and what's this talk of normal, then I wouldn't own useless things that I look at a few times then put away forever.

                TWO weeks of scowls!

              I got $1.20. Well, that was the claim, but I got a whooping $9 when they actually sent me the money. Hells yeah!

      FAR CRY 4, RIGHT?! Like, I watched some vids online of missions (omgggggg they look incredible) and I made the terrible mistake of reading a few comments (WHY), and everyone was just like, "Ugh, it's just FC3 again", "Oh boo hoo all the animations are pretty much the same" blah blah blah.

      THAT'S WHAT WE WANT! Far Cry 3 was soooo good (even if the characters were douchebags) and all I want is the same gameplay in a new setting and that's what we're gonna get! Yesssssss I cannot wait to release the bears into those friggin' outposts.

        Exactly what I thought, it's a great formula for fun, don't wreck it. I'm unreasonably excited for it, the only thing that stopped me from playing more Far Cry 3 was I had absolutely nothing left to do. Can't wait to see what all the new features bring to gameplay, especially enemy controlled animals, I can see hawks wrecking my plans for stealth a lot.

          We're gonna share so many stories, my friend :D

            Are you on PS4? We should be friends then we can make our stories together :D. Interested to see what co op will bring to the mix.

              Yeah! What's your PSN name, and I'll add you :D

                funny thing I've had this in my head for like 2 weeks, it's a song they used in the Far Cry 2 promotional trailers and I still get it in my head whenever I think of Far Cry.

                Picking up my PS4 copy tomorrow, asked you for your PSN ID a few times, but I don't recall you ever giving it to me.

                Last edited 17/11/14 7:44 pm

                  I put it in the google chart thing you sent me! I think it was you? I'm positive.

        I'm with you! FC3 was real unadulterated fun. This looks the same, with more cool stuff thrown in.

      GTA V is 64 on release at Target :P

        *opens wallet*
        Damn you, I have like zero restraint :P

          Man 2 people in 2 days, first Nob now you. I wonder who else I can tell to spend money :P

          Also if Target doesn't have it for that price tomorrow, JB has it for $69 :P

            yeah, I always sorta knew I'd get it but I'm in denial or something, gonna be hard to juggle all these games, can't I just quit my job and get free money?

              Win the lotto, that's your best bet of "free" money & being able to quit your job :P

    Secret SanTAY: A Weird And Graceless Exercise That Could Have Been Something Great But Instead Highlights Petty Domestic Issues That Are Irrelevant To What's At Hand.

    Guys, last day. Going to draw everything up and assign people tonight, so if you haven't sent an email to binoter at hotmail or haven't sent me your address (looking at you @pupp3tmast3r) do it today otherwise it's going to be awkward for the both of us.

      I won't be joining in this year. However, if it turns out someone has to back out or someone didn't get sent anything let me know and I'll do something for them.

      I've barely read TAY the last few weeks. (I hope you missed me!) Didn't know this was going on. Shame.

      Ehh, I'd never be able to keep anything secret anyway.

    Good morning all! How was the weekend?
    I had a X99 PC build disaster. The first motherboard went up in smoke. I checked everything, couldn't see a reason, took the board back and got a replacement.
    Was triple careful this time, and the same thing happened again.
    The second time I assembled just the CPU, Cooler, RAM on my wooden dining table. Now I'm worried the CPU or RAM might have fried as well, the 970 GPU works okay.

    I tested the power supply on my old i7 system, and it works fine. I'm a little scared to try a third time.

    Last edited 17/11/14 9:51 am

      I'd like to offer some assistance in figuring that out, but not really possible given what you've said. Not enough info really. How did it die? Did it work at all for a minute and then die, or did it fry the second you powered up?

        First one turned off half a second after turning on.
        So I checked everything for shorts etc. and tried again. Same result.
        The extra 12v molex connector at the base of the board wasn't connected, so I thought maybe that was the reason. I connected that and started up, and the smoke came out near the power transistors.
        I disassemebled everything and re-checked but couldn't see any reason for it happening.
        The board went back, I tested the power supply on another machine and the PS works fine. I tested the GTX-970 and it is also okay, I can't test the CPU and RAM as I don't have another X99 platform to try them in.

        The replacement board arrived, same thing happened, but less smoke this time. Gigabyte X99-UD4.

          hmm very odd for a Gigabyte board to do that kind of thing. Seems stupid to even ask, but I assume you've checked that the PSU is not one of those switchable voltage ones, and that it's set on 240 etc? Really not sure what it could be apart from a power related issue. Especially given the smoke came out of the transistors area. Entirely possible they just had a bad batch of them go in to a batch of boards, but 2 in a row is pretty rare for that sort of thing to happen. Do you have another PSU that you could try in it? I know you've confirmed that your psu works on other puters, but possibly it's just not liking that board? Did you try it with no gpu first, or at all?

          Last edited 17/11/14 10:25 am

            My first instinct is it's supplying too much power to the board but not sure how that could even happen

            I tried the same supply on a different machine, even checked it with the scope and meter, the power is clean. There are some reports online of Asus and MSI X99 boards doing the same thing...

            Yeah, tried it with no GPU first on the second board.

      Defo need more info. When you say "went up in smoke", was there beeps or anything to indicate an error or did it literally go up in smoke? :P

        No beeps, just smoke!

          Damn. The only time I've done that I was looking at my housemate's PC, took out a stick of RAM and put it back in and the whole thing just went dead with a smell of burning. I was thinking that was from static electricity

      Update, the X99-UD4 board had a bug in that version of the BIOS causing it to fry with certain power supplies.
      Updated the BIOS on the *third* replacement board, and low and behold, it works without the smoke coming out.
      It took out two of the RAM sticks though.

    Morning TAY! Welcome to POKÉWEEK! Also New 3DS week! GET EXCITED. I SURE AM.

    Weekend was pretty quiet. I went and bought a fancy new "Smart" TV which is actually pretty great! I was sceptical, but it's convinced me. Catch-up TV streaming straight from the TV (great now that my PS3 is dead), streaming video from my PC built-in, support for videos with subtitles (Rejoice, Foreign Asian Film Club members! @sughly!)

    Plus it's my first-ever 1080p TV (though it's still pretty small. I really don't need anything bigger than a 32 inch TV in my little flat :P) - Mario Kart looks like a whole new game! So pretty.

      I remember getting my PS3 from signing up to Optus but we still only had a crappy small 14 inch CRT. Then someone took pity on us and gave us an old 20 inch CRT. Then I got a tax return and got a 40 inch HDTV. I was so happy :D

      Ahaha, I was so happy when I found out my tv did subs too. Yours might do them better than mine - the only problem that happens with my tv's sub reader is when there are more than one set of subs on screen at once (usually on anime fansubs when they are showing the name of a sign or something at the same time as someone talking, so the tv just shows one). But for me, films have never seemed to have this problem.

      Also I went on a big hunt for films and have many lined up, will let you know of my findings! Any to pass on my way...? Mine are mostly stabs in the dark so who knows...

        Not really I've just been catching up on your recommendations from last time! Watched Like Father, Like Son last night which was pretty good. Didn't like the main father though :P

        I'll let you know if I come across anything decent.

          Yeah the main father was an a-hole, big time. I've seen the parents from the other family in a few other films now, I really like both those actors. I have one lined up where that other dad seems to be some kind of crazy serial killer? Probably wont be good :( Main father was all over billboards in Japan advertising Asahi beer too ^^

    Now that my Bayonetta 2 CE finally arrived, I thought I'd give the first one a spin.
    As someone that has never really played spectacle fighters it seems pretty decent, and I started to get the hang of it. I am having fun regardless of the fact I'm pretty terrible at it though.
    Played the first three chapters, but I'm hesitant to play any more yet since it's a different control scheme from everything else I play, and I feel like I've got too many other games on the go from the pile. Might come back to it after I've finished a few other games.

      I went back to Hyrule Warriors yesterday after playing nothing but Bayo 2 for ages and it twisted my brain. So different.

        The bayo dodge mechanic feels halfway between a traditional dodge and an arkham counter. And I already have 3 different buttons I use for those, let alone trigger for bayo.

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