Tell Us Dammit: Best Multiplayer Maps

I started playing Halo: The Master Chief Collection last night, which was basically a goddamn disaster given the problems 343 Industries are having with their servers at the moment, but I still managed to get a couple of games in. Of course, I played Slayer on Lockout. Goddamn that map is a masterpiece.

It got me wondering: what are some of your favourite multiplayer maps of all time?

(I'm sure we've done this topic before, but let's do it again!)

When I think of multiplayer maps I always think of Halo. I think of Hang 'Em High in the original Halo, Midship on Halo 2, The Pit in Halo 3. So many quality maps.I also think of Temple in Goldeneye, de_dust in Counter-Strike...

So many.

What are some of your favourites?



      That and Q3DM6 (Camping Grounds) , Q2DM3 (The Frag Pipe), and DM2 from the original Quake (Claustrophobopolis)

      Love those maps.

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        The best map ever is a Quake map for sure, and probably a map from Quake III if you ask me.

        The level design in Quake III is brilliant. Fast, flowing, well balanced and with a great use of verticality. Also completely sh*thouse to play without a mouse and keyboard!

        I think the rise of console/ PC multiplatform FPS set the evolution of the map back about 10 years (and it’s only now that we’re seeing verticality all the rage again). The rise of the Counterstrike/ COD/ Battlefield (to a lesser extend) plodding military team shooter that needs to be playable with a controller really put a spanner in the works of any kind of creative design.

          I think you have a point there. I had to stop playing Q3 because it angried up the blood too much, but nothing since has given me that urge to get back into competitive multiplayer shooters. I don't want team work, I want pure twitch based action!

          Funnily enough, Q3 (Revolution?) on the PS2 is the only console FPS I've ever been any good at. Also, counter-strike is definitely best played with a keyboard and mouse, and if you don't think there are any creative counter-strike maps you HAVE to check out the Steam Workshop. There are some fantastic maps out there


        OH hells yeah brother!!! haven't done me a rocket jump in years :)

      Beat me to it. THE best 1v1 deathmatch map ever created, and lots of fun with other numbers of players too.

        Frigging rail guns. They light up the sky like fireworks in that place!

      I was also partial to q3dm9. It had the potential for all sorts of crazy jump antics, including:
      - clearing the gap in the main chamber with a strafe-run-jump, hitting somebody with a rail gun mid-jump as they land to pick up the rocket launcher
      - running off the side of the booster near the rocket launcher, so that you can jump over to collect the quad damage before somebody who is already mid-drop towards it.
      - trying to get the drop on someone with a rocket jump, hitting someone else coming off a booster, landing on the bounce pad as they land in the lava.

      I had some epic 1-on-1s with a lab partner on this level.

      ztn2dm3 for Quake II

      tbh, all the ztndm maps were fantastic.. 3 struck a cord however.

    I don't remember the name of the map, but in the original Unreal, there was one in like a warehouse (?), where there was a perfect sniper spot to camp, where I would just take down low AI bots for hours and hours....

      Haven't played it, but dmbayc perhaps?

    The Felicity - Perfect Dark
    The block tower one- Mario Kart 64

    (Yes, I haven't really enjoyed multiplayer since the N64)

      God I loved Perfect Dark.

        The 360 version is really good.
        just upped the graphics so they look good on LCD, kept all the bad acting & everything

          Yeah, I replayed it a couple years ago. The death animations/voicework is so great. "Whyyyy me?! Ughhhh."

            "That wasn't meant to happen!"
            *gasses himself*

            Perfect Dark nailed the balance between canned animation and reactive movement that made the deaths more satisfying than just about any other game I’ve played since.

            The slow motion cheat in particular really brought it to the forefront.
            Hit a guy in the neck with the Falcon and trigger the canned animation where he grasps at the side of his neck as he slowly goes down, then run in close triggering the gangster sideways pistol hold animation as you get within a few feet of your now defenceless victim.
            Use the manual aim to target him right in the middle of the face. BAM! The bullet hits him in the face with that super-satisfying THUD, his face reddened with blood where the bullet hit as his head whips back independently of the ongoing death animation. BAM! THUD. BAM! THUD. BAM! THUD.
            His face is now a red mask and his head whips back repeatedly as he hits the ground leaving a satisfying smear of blood on the wall behind him.

            Ok I loved that way too much.

          This. I re-purchased PD on the 360 and went back and 100%-ed it, including on all campaign and bonus missions and firing range. Things I was never able to do when I was younger with the N64.

      same n64 was the era of multiplayer for me

      My fav was Goldeneye - The Facility (I think)
      Mario Kart 64 had a few good ones

      The original Halo was pretty kick ass now I think about it. We used to get 4 Xboxes in one room running off 4 tvs ... took awhile to setup but hours of fun were had

      Felt sorry for the person on the small screen hahahah

    Bootcamp - Half-Life

    There's a fantastic map still doing the rounds on Warcraft 3. I think it's called Dota 6.82c these days.

    Almost forgot - UT - Facing Worlds

      Came on here to post the same thing. Was not disappointed at seeing it posted already. :)

        Yep I'm in that same boat too, love that map

          Yep just came on to mention Facing Worlds.

            Add me to the chain of "came here to post that"!

    When it comes to Halo, I'm going to have to say Blood Gulch and the updated versions of Blood Gulch they've had in the sequels.

    For other games, I love the entire No Mercy campaign in Left 4 Dead.

    Facility/Felicity, Complex, Temple. What more do you need?

      "What more do you need?"
      Even more Temple.

    Hard Rain in Left 4 Dead, oh god yes.

      That one was great. Loved the future of the rain even making it hard to hear people over voip

    Goldeneye - Stack
    Goldeneye - Complex
    UT - Facing Worlds
    UT - Lava Giant
    Halo 1 - Blood Gulch
    Halo 3 - Guardian
    Halo 3 - High Ground
    MW2 - Rust
    MW2 - Favela
    Black Ops - Nuketown
    MW3 - Dome

    Edit: how could I forget Goldeneye maps -_-

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      Stack on Golden Gun with one prick* being Oddjob. Those were the days.

      I was the prick.

    I don't know why but I always liked Powerhouse in Halo: Reach.

    I have a soft spot for the Cemetery map in X-Com:EU.

    Everybody is in cover, but the headstone crumble quicker than an assault only team armed with basic level shotguns.

    Plus, you know, grappling a sniper with squadsight up to the top of the mausoleum.

    2fort & Gold Rush from TF2.

    It's about the only multiplayer game I play

      and Turbine

        Wow, all those three are pretty much my least favorite TF2 maps. Interesting choices though, I guess they are heavily played for a reason. I tend to prefer the more 'competitive' (although I don't play competitively) maps like cp_process and pl_upward. I did love 2fort for its sniper battles though when I first started playing though.

    Halo 3 had some truly good maps; Guardian, The Pit, Valhalla.
    Bf3 had some really well designed ones too like Noshahar Canals, Firestorm.

    Can't pick a singular favourite tho.

    Halo 3 is my multiplayer obsession, despite it being supplanted by MW2 and Reach, so I will mostly wax on about a sampling of Halo 3 maps.

    Halo 3

    - The Pit: perfectly symmetrical, makes for fantastic team objective gametypes. Mastering chokepoints becomes critical in deathmatch. Underperforms a little in free for all but a solid performer that supports completely different playstyles depending on where you're standing.

    - Guardian: Asymmetry done right. Multiple routes, multiple levels, traversing this map itself is an art and really seperates the masters of the game from the dabblers.

    - Last Resort: aka Zanzibar (Halo 2). I love to hate this map. I never really mastered it beyond learning to stay out of the way of snipers. Just enough open space for some hectic vehicle play.

    - Rat's Nest: Another symmetrical map, this was a big road circuit with intersecting paths through the central area. Great for objectives. A truly co-ordinated team is probably feared here more than anywhere else, including Valhalla.

    - Valhalla: tied for first as my favourite Halo 3 map. People compare it to Blood Gulch/Coagulation but it's really not the same beast at all. Vehicles are powerful but don't dominate. The central hill is both a high ground and a slaughterhouse. No matter your playstyle, you can contribute to victory here.

    - Standoff: My other number one favourite. It looks cluttered but there's enough room for a couple of Wathogs to really mix it up, and that's going to be the featured action most of the time as teams harry them from the sidelines in an endless struggle for the upper hand. I'd say this is Halo 3's equivalent to Halo's Beaver Creek in that it's two opposing bases inexplicably placed about 30 feet apart with nothing but a couple of rocks defining the border (as opposed to Beaver Creek's river). I've had some of my best games on this map.

    There were plenty of other great maps (Sand Trap for one, which gave us the wonderful Elephant vehicle to play with) but the above are the ones that I'm most fodly reminiscient of.

    Block Fort and Double Deck.

    Icicle Pyramid.

    Hyrule Castle, Sector Z, Saffron City.

    Koopa Beach, Mario Circuit 2, Battle Course 2, Battle Course 4.

    Sunset Beach, Port Blue, Southern Island.


    Hangar, School II, Marseille.

    cs_office was my home in Counter Strike: Source

      Yes! And assault. Something about the while attacking/defending made that map a blast.

    Hang 'em High in Halo and Lockout in Halo 2 are both great.

    I was always a massive fan of Thunderdome and Wrath No More from Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity respectively. Was really happy when Thunderdome got remade in Halo though it never played as well. Also enjoyed playing Duality (remade in Halo 2 as Gemini). Some of Marathon's fan-made expansions / total conversions had some maps that were excellent as well. I made a few myself, but they weren't memorable or particularly good.

    There were a few I enjoyed a lot in UT but I can't remember their names, and I don't think I've gotten into anything else heavily enough to remember names there either.

    Dust 2
    Blood Gulch/Coagulation
    Hang 'em High
    Battle Creek

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    Socom 2 maps - crossroads, fish hook etc

    Warlords from Red Faction one on PS2, my god the hours I spend tunnelling from one side to the other. Those were the days. God I miss the days when I wouldn't get clipped on a rail or backed into a corner that for some reason has obstructions all around it so that any sort of explosive almost guarantees a hit... furthermore I miss the days when explosives didn't clear entire rooms.

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