The Best Games For Every System

The Best Games For Every System

We’ll probably never run out of things to say about video games. Which games are interesting, which games are maddening, which games are provocative, which games are boring. That’s all well and good, but sometimes, you just want to know which games are best.

We hear you. That’s why several years ago, we created “The Bests”, a collection of regularly updated posts that round up the 12 best games for each major platform. Over the years we’ve revamped and fine-tuned The Bests until we arrived at our current layout and format.

Our imagined audience for The Bests is a person who just bought a new gaming console or device, and wants to know which games they should check out first. (That makes some of the lists — particularly the PC list — much more difficult to maintain, which is one reason we made a separate post of the best classic PC games.) Or maybe they’re someone who wants to get a gift for someone else, and needs some recommendations to help make the best choice. Or heck, maybe they’re just someone who likes debating whether Destiny is better than Titanfall.

We decided early on to cap the lists at 12 entries apiece, and to list the games in no particular order. That means that whenever we add a game, we must remove one. We think that approach keeps the lists nice and focused, though the trade-off is that the better a list gets, the tougher it becomes for us to decide which games to clear out for new entries. We also try to periodically go through and clear out old comments beneath each post, though that takes a lot of time, so we don’t do it as often as we’d like. (Sorry!)

Every time a new game comes out that deserves consideration for The Bests, we debate it among our team. Those debates are often fierce, always enjoyable, and the resulting decisions are necessarily the product of compromise. That said, we think that each list more or less reflects Kotaku‘s favourite games on each platform, and the ones we think you should play.

Here are our up-to-date lists of the best games for every major gaming system.

The Big Ones

The Best PC GamesThe Best PS4 GamesThe Best Xbox One GamesThe Best Wii U GamesThe Best Mac Games

The Handhelds

The Best 3DS GamesThe Best PS Vita Games

The Mobile Devices

The Best iPhone GamesThe Best iPad GamesThe Best Android Games

The Older Stuff

The Best Xbox 360 GamesThe Best PS3 GamesThe Best Wii GamesThe Best PSP GamesThe Best DS Games

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