The Big Question: Are You Still Playing Destiny?

Despite some of the middling reviews, I actually really enjoyed my time with Destiny. I didn't get to spend as much time as I would like with the game, but still — I was happy with it, and I had a lot of fun playing it. But with all these new games coming out, I've sort of put it on the backburner for a while. How about you?

I suspect that a lot of that has to do with my job. I always feel as though I need to be playing the latest games, keeping up to date on the latest stuff. That has resulted in me moving away from Destiny pretty quickly to play games like Alien: Isolation, Shadow of Mordor. Pretty soon I'll be checking out Assassin's Creed: Unity, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare...

Maybe I'll get back to Destiny at some point, and focus on levelling my character up. Or maybe I'll just play the Halo: Master Chief Collection and drown in nostalgia. It's difficult to say.

So my question to you is this: are you still playing Destiny? Do you foresee yourself playing it in the future?


    I stopped after like, two days :/

      Why stop? Did you finish the story and not want to grind?
      It really did take me like... 2.5 days to complete the story.

        I didn't like the control scheme and the story was way too boring to compel me to play. I just had no investment in it whatsoever. I traded it in for Shadow of Mordor which is WAY better.

          Owch. Well, I enjoyed the game mechanically, but agree that the story was as bland as bland could be. A shopping list of apparent events delivered by Expositionbot1.0 with no characters to react to your actions, grow, develop, provide context or flavour.

          Mordor barely has that either (though what little it has is significantly more than Destiny), but it is very excellent to play for some reason.

            The nemesis system just has so much charisma and makes for funny stories. But if you like Destiny, that's awesome!

    I voted "No" although I do play it rarely.
    Realistically though, I've stopped playing. I got sick of doing the same few missions over and over again with little to no reward.

    At this point, I only occasionally drop in to do the raid with friends, in the hope that I might get some raid gear (not much luck so far).

    Was there one of these for the (not quite as ) overhyped Titanfall as well?


    I still duck on with @masha2932 and some other friends. Good fun to either noodle around or jump into strike playlists

    I reckon if I started playing, I still would be. But I never did, and continue to not...

    I played it non stop until lvl 24 then I had a break for a while but have been back into it in the last 2 weeks after some shadow of mordor. Completing the raid was great but probably will have another break now until the new raid comes out

    Like twice a week, Tuesdays for the weeklies and Saturday for the raid, will give the xpac a go, but probably not as much as I have been

      Make that 3 times, also Friday night for Xur spawn

      I need to hop in on the weeklies. :( Got any room? Lol. I also need much help with exotic bounty and such... @pupp3t_mast0r halp!!

    Technically speaking i'm still playing however in a week or two i'll most likely completely drop it for Novembers releases, WoW, AC, DA:I, SSB. Far Cry and recently COD, sorry Destiny you don't stand a chance.

    I've played it pretty much non-stop since launch but have stopped this week. Doing the same missions, strikes & raid over and over each week has drained the fun out of it. At the end of last week all I was doing was leveling up gear for no real reason and that's when I realised I should leave it until there's more content. Also doing 6/7 raids now and not having any armour dropped whatsoever and 1, maybe 2 guns, I'm really put off doing the most challenging part of the game because the reward system is massively unbalanced.

    I'm playing through Skyrim (again, again, again, again) and having much more fun. I'll go back to Destiny probably when the expansion is out, play the raid a couple of times and then give it a rest until the expansion after that. I'll only be tempted to jump on if someone's organised a lengthy crucible session with a full fireteam

      If I get one more Chatterwhite...!

        If I don't get Chatterwhite I feel ripped off now

          In saying that I did get gauntlets my first run through with my Titan. And like a digital butt flap thing that looks like utter crap. Since then its been materials and Chatterwhites.

    Yes, but potentially no soon with Halo next week.


        Eyyyyy nice pic, bro. Halo man! We can co-op the campaign together. :D :) :O

          You guys should get CoD!!!! ;)

            I'm still considering it...have you played it yet?

            Edit: Just saw you said consoles are still packed up so I assume not!

            Last edited 05/11/14 12:15 pm

              Na man not yet, mrs leaves tuesday 4am and I got the day off, so that will prob be my day.

          I'll have to buy it, they do Co-Op Campaign??

            Yeah man! I believe you can co-op each of the campaigns with one other person.

              Shiiii, I better get a copy then. I think it'd be cool to have a bit of nostalgia like that. Even just for the campaign missions, I don't see myself playing multiplayer lol

                Oooo I will most certainly be playing some multiplayer. Griffball action come at me.

                  It really is @spence.

                  And with local servers now, Griffball lag will hopefully not be as much of an issue as it previously has been (sometimes.)

                  Yeah sometimes the lag was BRUUUUTAL. Still good though. Smashing people with the Ball when they were trying to sword you was amazingly satisfying.

                  I tell you what I was all about buying a PS4 at first ... but I gotta say I'm slowly swinging over to the Xbox One train ...

                  Last edited 05/11/14 4:13 pm

                  That's it. Going on ball killing sprees was my jam.

                  Well I'm not saying get an XB1, but get an XB1!

            I think Halo 1-2 are only 2 player coop, but 3 and 4 are 4 player, they were on 360 anyway. I will be getting MCC, just not sure when.

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              Check out the 3rd comment on that page. Could be false as I can't find the source, but sounds promising! 4 players online co-op for Halo 3 & 4 would be sick.

                Yea that's what I have also read, its on the Co-Optimus site too. Have you never played them 4 player coop? I have done 3, ODST, Reach and 4 all 4 player coop, that was pretty much what got me to play Halo in the first place, on Legendary of course ;)

                  Sorry I misread your comment.

                  Never done them co-op, but really looking forward to it. I think I neglected the campaigns a bit, focusing more on the multiplayer side of them. I don't think I ever completed any of the campaigns on legendary! So I'm pretty excited to do so.

                Ah yep I was kinda the opposite, never got into the multiplayer cos of the shields and space jumping, think Reach was prob the most I delved into multi, definately fun campaigns on legendary, reminds me of Destiny allot.

                  Yeah I'm really gonna miss the double jump. Be interesting to see whether that will be a feature of Halo 5.

                Not sure whats going on with the replys, they are greyed out for me........ CoD11 has double jump! haha, I'm sure there was thrusters and Jetpack in Reach/4.

                Oh yeah of course there was duhhhh.

                Yeah once you get to a certain amount of replies you can't reply no more and instead have to reply to the last replyable post and tag. @blackdahlianz

                That didn't sound right.

    It's a game where it'll be nice to see where it is in 6 months time from now, for example.
    Spending a bit of time in it currently. I want to try out CoD:AW but I've already pre-purchased GTA:V and I've been skeptical of the series since CoD:MW... Money tree please.

    Otherwise my time will be spent in PvP or GTA:V.

    Still playing. Will do so until I can at least finish the raid once...

      You'll get there, you'll play with some OP players who'll run through it in 40 minutes flat. I know I have lol

        Heheh. Had a fair bit of fun in there with a few from here. Got as far as the gatekeeper section, but haven't yet taken on Atheon. It really is brilliant though, huge and crazy.

      If you're on PS4, level 26+ and you can be online tonight (same goes for anyone else interested), I'll be putting a group together to do it. PSN: najakh

      I've been playing every night since release. I'll probably be shelving it for a while when GTAV arrives. I'm hoping the new DLC is good enough to warrant picking it back up.

        Thanks for putting up with some hilarious noobishness last night (although I'm glad I wasn't the only one who had a spectacular cock-up...). Slowly learning what's going on!

        Some good moments. The run through the Gorgon's Maze went really well I thought, the Templar battle was near flawless too, I think there was only one restart. Did you guys go on to finish it after I turned in?

          We did. We killed Atheon probably half an hour after you left. A couple of us got sick of him and started pulling out the heavy ammo synths. Probably should have done that a lot sooner ;)

            Excellent! :) Should've packed a few of those myself...

            Good news is I picked up enough Ascendent bits to upgrade my void sniper to max and max my helmet too, maybe get my primary maxed too which will help. Really fancy another crack at Atheon soon!

              You can always try looking for a group on or
              Otherwise, maybe next week ;)

    I'm pretty much boycotting it until there's some actual scope and variety.

      Or actual fun. Biggest flop since ET, worse game than Watch Dogs or Duke Nukem Forever.

    Yes, still playing it BUT......I'm seriously stalling at mid-way through lvl 28. The game makes is quite hard to feel like, that unless you Raid or grind, you are making any kind of fluid progress. I love the game, but with my work/life schedule and trying to get anywhere in the game it is quite exhausting....

    nope trading it into EB Games that's how little I rate it.

    I stopped playing a few weeks after I started. Once I got to 20, the drive to keep running the same horde modes over and over for a bigger number on my pants turned me off the game. My friends didn't really get into as well, so we all just moved to Borderlands once it came out and have been having a lot of fun shooting moon Naz... Aussies.

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    Played it obsessively for two weeks around launch. My girlfriend was actually worried I was becoming addicted. Haven't played it since. I do look forward to jumping back in later next year when there's a few semi-meaty DLC to add to the experience.

      Pretty close to my experience, except I do still log in once a week to play the raid with cool dudes.

    Haven't touched it since pretty close to launch, still haven't even finished the story yet.

    Yes, but becoming increasingly conflicted. Don't mind replaying missions, and am trying to collect exotics and raid gear to get to 30 so I can do raid on hard. But only having the chance at raid gear once a week (I couldn't be bothered levelling up several characters to raid more than once a week) and only getting one piece of raid armour after half a dozen raids is getting frustrating. Add to that the announcement that xbone owners have to pay the same for less content in the DLC means that I am becoming disillusioned.
    Still havent decided if I'll buy the DLC because of that, and if I don't there will be even less people online to play with so will probably drop out.

    It's only the people that make it at the moment. Made a lot of random friends and have a lot of fun in the raid. However, like a lot of others, just stuck around level 28 and starting to question why I still play.

    My interest waned pretty early. The sense of disconnect between the mechanics and the narrative (grinding for loot in a somewhat abandoned world without much explanation as to who or what we were trying to really accomplish) left me quite underwhelmed.

    I guess my tastes are leaning toward games that either embrace their puritan shooter roots and don't pretend to be much more, or try to push the envelope.

    I keep making comparisons between Destiny and the new Wolfenstein game. Completely different shooters, but Wolfenstein had my attention for a lot longer, and felt so much better realised and polished than destiny.

    After over 5 days of playtime (don't know if that includes time in Tower or not), I'm mostly satisfied with my time with Destiny. It's on the back burner at the moment, due to a bunch of other game releases, but I'll start up again when Dark Below kicks off.

    Stuck on level 25 for 2-3 weeks now, getting nothing from the Cryptarch, starting to loose interest.

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