The Big Question: McDonald's Or Hungry Jack's

Alright let's take The Big Question out of the realm of video games. Let's take things to the fast food burger realm. It is a good realm to be in. But say you have to choose between McDonald's and Hungry Jack's, which do you choose and why?

I think it's more complicated than one might think. As the slogan says, I do think the burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. I truly do. But McDonald's french fries destroy all. As does their breakfast menu. Also — McDonald's has a range of actually surprisingly healthy chicken salads. When I get dragged in there during road trips but I still want to eat relatively clean, I totally still can. This is important to me.

But man. Those Hungry Jack's burgers: the ones with the bacon on them. Goddamn. It's difficult to go past them.



    I used to think Hungry Jacks was better. That was when I was a silly teenager.

    Now I think both are terrible but Maccas is occasionally the right kind of terrible. Also, HJs makes my farts completely rancid.

      Your farts?

        My farts.

        No idea why but it's a great reason not to eat from there. Well, it's a great reason if I don't want my girlfriend to kick me out of the house for breaking various chemical warfare treaties.

    So tough. The burgers are indeed better at Hungry Jack's (except for the Serious Lamb Burger Maccas had for a while, that thing totally kicked arse). But then I always feel like I'm carrying a brick in my gut afterwards, which I don't usually get from McDonalds. But then over there I'm left staring at the menu for a good ten minutes or so trying to figure out what to get because there isn't really anything there that jumps out as the one to get.

    I usually opt for Hungry Jack's though, when it's there.

    McDonalds, hands down. Hungry Jack's burgers all taste bland and disgusting. I have never had a decent burger at hungry jacks and never will because they don't understand how to make burgers... but I have had some lovely burgers at McD.

    When McD burgers are freshly cooked, they are better than the expensive burgers you buy in fancy restaurants.

      Sometimes I wonder if we can sue Hungry Jack's for false advertising... "The burgers are better at hungry jack's."... No, the burgers at hungry jack's are the worst in the industry. They are completely shithouse and it should be illegal to even sell them as anything more than dog food.

        The two hungry jacks near me are like that, belconnen and Fyshwick burgers are barely classed as food. The queanbeyan one however always have awesome burgers, better than anything McDonalds could ever make.

          Ah! Not the Quangas outlet!

          Hyperdome used to be best, but it's gone now :(

          I think the Hungry Jack's in Canberra is universally bad. The one in Tuggeranong just closed recently, so I found that quite telling.

            At least it's not as bad as Central Station in Sydney. Hello food poisoning for a 4 hour train back home...

        The Meat is nicer at hungry jacks, but the burger buns are terrible and ruins the meal.

      A downvote for preferring Hungry Jacks? Really?

      When McD burgers are freshly cooked, they are better than the expensive burgers you buy in fancy restaurants.Hahahahahahahahahahaha

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      You might possibly be the biggest McDonalds fan ever. Better than a proper burger from literally anywhere else? Madness.

        Yeah... give me a good fish & chip shop burger any day!

        I love me some grilld but there are some bloody terrible (and overpriced) burgers out there. Part of maccas' appeal is that it's very consistent.

        Personal preference here but the reason I always eat the same kind of foods is that I like getting what I pay for. I like knowing what I'm going to get.
        It shits me to tears when someone forces me to buy a meal I wouldn't normally eat and it turns out to taste awful. Happens far more often than trying something new and enjoying it.

      When are they ever freshly cooked?

      They are freshly assembled, maybe but they aren't freshly cooked.

        Yeah, I weighed a Quarter Pounder patty once, and it was less than half that weight. Got a frozen patty smuggled out (cooked from frozen isn't exactly fresh) and it weighs exactly one quarter pound before being cooked. I think they must inject them with water to get it up to that weight when frozen.

        The only thing I buy at Maccas is a wrap sometimes or something from the McCafe, but it would be maybe three times a year. Haven't been to HJs in memory, but I liked the burgers better when I did.

          If they didn't freeze them it would seriously decrease the shelf life, or they would need to add preservatives, such as chemicals or salt. Also things always weigh more when frozen

      Ahahaha yes "When McD burgers are freshly cooked". I would like to see when this actually happens. It is hard to go past the fact that both these places hire "cooks" that are pre-pubescent teenagers.

        Last time I had fresh from Maccas was in Vietnam. A hell of a lot better than any maccas in Aus.

      You've never even been to Grill'd have you? Come to Canberra, get a Brodburger, then look in disgust at your favourite Maccas burger :p

      you got hit by the downvote hate brigade but I completely agree. HJ's stuff tastes like char grilled cardboard.

      I'm biased because I eat maccas regularly but I never have a bad burger. Chips vary a lot. I also love the premix, it's the perfect combination of flavor without being too carbonated or too sweet.

    Hands down Hungry Jacks. Whopper is great but the Angry Whopper is something else. That's my to go fast food burger.

      This. The angry whopper is king.

        It is great, but a poor substitute for the Double Angry Angus. That truly was a breakfast of champions.

        There is a burger called an Angry Whopper?

          Indeed, sounds like what happens the morning after a night on the piss...

          Yes, has spicy sauce, deep fried crunchy onion bits sprinkled on top etc. Great food.

    Agree, it's all about the bacon on the Hungry Jacks ones.

    That said, I've been to both a combination of maybe 5 times in the past 10 years. I'm not really educated enough here.

      Hungry Jack's Bacon Deluxe burgers are awesome. I almost always opt for Hungry Jack's and very rarely eat McDonald's.

      I do admit that McDonald's breakfasts are better, but I almost never need takeaway breakfast (and when I do, I normally opt for a breakfast sub from Subway or something from Breaktop).

      But hands down, Hungry Jack's burgers are better.

    I don't know if they changed their recipes but I loved them as a kid, now I am pretty sure licking my dogs anus would produce a better taste in my mouth.... have not been to either in what seems like 5 years plus.

      As you age your tastes change over time. What was once good may fall out of the flavour zone as you age. But there is always the chance it will come back.

      Before 15-20 Sweet is king, after 20 we move to savoury and after 60 we move back to sweet again. This is not to say you won't enjoy sweet things just how sweet something you loved as a kid is could be overpowering now, but after 60 could move back to being fantastic.

    Hungry Jack's has the better burgers which create the illusion of being healthier since they have more salad and taste less greasy, plus they do curly fries.

    But I don't know what it is, I don't really like going there. Maybe it's just years of conditioning but when I want a cheap & simple fast-food dinner and the opportunity to express a reckless disregard for my health, McDonald's just feels like the right option.

      I like going to HJ's because of the 50s diner aesthetic they've usually got going on.

      Well, for the standalone stores at least. Not so much with the ones in shopping centres.

    I don't think it matters. The only time I've eaten either in the last 10-15 years is when I've had too many drinks to recognise the awfulness and just need something to fill my stomach - A task that could probably be just as successfully fulfilled by a pile of shredded newspaper.

    Corner hamburger fish/chip shop > Franchise burger..

      Not in england I've found unfortunately..

        Yeah, England seems to have a weird relationship with burgers. The classic Australian 'burger with the works (including pineapple, bacon and an egg)' is almost impossible to find there.

    Why did you have to ask that so close to lunchtime? Why?


    But, between these two, probably McDonalds? Sometimes their little cheeseburgers hit the spot, and their McChicken is okay. I just never got into HJs that much.

      Oporto for the win!
      Except the KJ's are insane.

    i prefer the maccas smooth bun squashed cheeseburger, to hungry jack's crumbly wet cardboard cheeseburger. But also cant turn down a good whopper. oh and the rodeo sliders...

    Hrmm, gonna have to go with Hungry jacks.

    Macca's for breakfast, Jacks for Burgers.

    KFC...but McDonalds due to their variety, breakfast menu and better milkshakes/deserts.

    I don't go to either of them, but Hungry Jacks wins because I used to work at McDonalds and can't really bring myself to buy it any more. Given a choice though, I'd always go to Oporto.

    Maccas with a mcafe is very good, as you can have a burger with any kind of coffee they happen to be serving at the time, good for those kind of people who haven't had brekkie at the time, mmmmm brekkie wraps with coffee

    Maccas because I don’t like the buns they use for Hungry Jacks. It just feels so damn greasy.
    Plus Maccas seems to be more consistent. No offense to anyone here who has worked at Hungry Jacks but the service is usually bad and the burgers are usually half arsed. Maccas the service is usually decent and the product is usually put together properly.

      I will agree with that. Maccas is very consistent everywhere. HJ's range from good to substandard and some are just downright awful.

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      The difference in quality of service/well put together burgers comes down to HJs being stingy as a corporation. I've worked at both and am currently at HJs and we are always understaffed, always. The way HJs is structured is for insane profit margins which means pretty dodgy working conditions a lot of the time, mainly when busy. Maccas would always have double the people we actually needed, so if you don't get quality at maccas there must be some slack people working.

    I can't really afford to go to either anymore, but the Bacon Deluxe or the Ultimate Double Whopper... they're two burgers that just can't be topped by McD's in my opinion.

    That said, McDonalds is considerably more convenient for me (no HJs near my work or home), and often is the cheaper option, so when I do frequent one of the two, it's usually McDonald's.

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    Hungry Jacks because their cheap menu is slightly cheaper. Also their $1 large frozen cokes. That said both are pretty disgusting. No one really wins here.

    Both the above options are terrible.

    Comments say McDonalds, poll says Hungry Jacks. Go figure.

    I can't decide really. Both have their place for me. I suppose I'd go with McDonalds as they have more menu options I like but a double whopper with cheese from Hungry Jacks is incredible. Other than the double whopper though Hungry Jacks chips are sub par and I don't rate any of their other burgers that highly. Their chicken nuggets are horrible too, last time I got those I couldn't even eat them.

    I would start listing other joints that do burgers I prefer more (grill'd or nandos for instance) but then a mcdonalds and hungry jacks burger isn't the same thing, to me it's like how dominos pizza doesn't really taste like normal pizza, they are their own food sub group and when you crave mcdonalds you crave a mcdonalds burger and the chemicals that make it's flavouring unique not a real hamburger.

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      I'm not a fan of McDonald's all that much but they don't have chemicals in their food now, it's all pretty natural. They've done a few mini documentaries on how it all works and take some cynics and show them the whole shebang from the farm to the restaurant.

        By chemicals I mean their flavour mix, I'm not sure if I'm right but I've seen a doco on foxtel a while back about the company that produces their signature flavours. Maybe they don't use chemicals for it but they have a distinct taste that isn't like a common burger you'd cook up at home.

          I assume you mean their special sauces?
          Or are you talking about some actual part of the burger such as the patty, bun or something?

            Their seasoning mixes probably. Wish I could find what it was I saw but it talked about how they would make it so every item there would taste vaguely similar and keep the overall taste of the franchise. I'm not one of those people saying it's all horrible food or they pump rat poison in to their meat or anything like that. Just that they have unique tastes.

    Hungry Jacks has tastier burgers.
    I'd say the fries are generally the same quality but fries are kinda boring - I go for the onion rings.
    Maccas "chicken" nuggets taste a lot better than HJ.

    Maccas seems to have a larger menu of things I'd want to eat.

      Mate, have you ever had real onion rings? The ones at HJ are all the same size and if you big into them you will see it's onion mush. Find somewhere that deep fries actual onion rings in batter. Amazing and for some reason stupidly hard to find (at least in Tas). I have only found one place that does it.

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